my entity
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2002-02-27 18:41:43 (UTC)

out of nowhere stuck her at work, so bored and so...
sheeshhh...stunned? LOL

oh mind is currently having lots of
thoughts...different things about me, my life and
everything that made me feel im out of nowhere. im like an
automatic robot that seems to be so busy yet thinking of
other various things indifferently. it has come to a point
that my brain was already crying out and begging me to
stop thinking! weird! isn't it? nah! and so im having a
headache! *sigh*

this thing used to happen to the point that i am wanting to
just rest and sleep forever, and yeah i used to wish that i
wont wake up anymore everytime i take my sleep
unfortunately its not yet granted. when would that be? ugh!
good luck to me =(

life is indeed very strange and wide and mysterious and
all! though it has lots of spices and herbs, sometimes
happy sometimes sad, sometimes thrilling and sometimes
boring, still all of us have to deal with it! that's life!

with all the pressures that i have : family, friends, work,
love and others...i have the tendency to be dumb and be a
psychotic person but i am not! :p but i think im going

so much for that...


2:40 AM

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