The Fallen and Damned
2002-02-27 17:19:21 (UTC)

more amusing things than color

while kinsman was playing with color in physics, imressing
himself with his experiments- laurel and i created a
momentarily amusing story.

i shall disclose it , so as to further amuse myself ....yey.

There once was a one eyed little girl named Alyssa Jean
Marie, who once, when her little cabbage went mad, told her
lonely old step mother that she should try perching on the
top of a statue of Ben Franklin so that when the sun set, an
elected librarian would discipline severely the very pests
that had, for so long, been dormant, curled up in the
fingers of the very honorable young farmer child, who had
fallen ill due to the ingestion of Mr. Kinsmen's favorite
pieces, and soon would be in need of treatment, perhaps a
good grocking, or a good hearty bowl of Alyssa Jean Marie's
special brand of bread, the only kind able to successfully
fill a bowl and also to whisper little stories to your
stomach, which is usually so lonely that no one can even
find it, and instead can only manage to (if lucky) find its
old AIM messages scattered around for it saves them all
because they can be ever so useful in those irritating
situations where the government shows up and tries to stop
you, for the government is always doing ridiculous things
like that, all because of that time when so very many years
ago, so long in fact no one ever remembers by the time
bath-time rolls around, when every is so very distracted
anyway , by the loose ducks running around naked and the
disturbing presence of far too many rain clouds for that
time of year, when my tea went ever so cold.