Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-02-27 17:13:43 (UTC)

Caught: doing thr Right thing or the Wrong thing

Yet again, I am confronting soomething that I have messed
up money wise. It really seems as if I just can NOT get
ahead. and its about to really piss me off. Most of the
time I can block or ignore money issues that are on my
mind, because really, there is no way to fix the problem.
However, this time I need to fix it. And I am probably only
about $10 - $15 away from fixing it...

Here's the situation. I paid bills last week w/my paycheck.
Really paid bills. past due bills, rent, brought some bills
current, vet bill for my cat and bought groceries. When
figuring out my balance, I forgot I took $150 out to pay
the past due electricity bill. So, at the last minute I
realized I was going to be $120 in overdraft. I called my
mom & asked to borrow it. (Let's rememebr that I am 31 yrs
old and having to have mommy 'fix it')

So she agreed, I borrowed & deposited the check. Here comes
the problem. Yet again, when I figured up how much I
needed, I didn't look at the checkbook & MISCALCULATED. I
was $35 off..... Now, I have $20 to deposit, but that still
leaves me $15 short. $15 short which will wind up costing
me $25 per check that bounces. Plus, I have to deal with
the repercussions of a bounced check.

So, I was thinking, why deposit the $20 which will get
eaten up by overdraft charges when the check bounces
anyway? Why not keep the $20 cash? I mean, hell, I am going
to need gas later anyway, and I MIGHT want to eat next

But then I realized, maybe I can go home tonight, come up
w/the $$ by counting all the change in my apartment, or
ransacking all the pockets to jackets in my closet (how
lucky would that be) or SOMETHING to save the situation....

SO, now I am going to run to the bank atm, get a printout &
figure out exactly how bad the situation is...

And then, I am going to do the right thing by getting the
money & depositing it even if it is too late to avoid an
overdraft change. Because damnit, I really do want to get
it together. I just seem to be such a fuck-up lately....

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