sarah beara

sarah beara
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2002-02-27 16:26:49 (UTC)


i have fucking cramps again today and they hurt like a
motherfucker. sorry, had to get that i can
concentrate on other things... :D

i only have 6 and half work days left... :D that is such a
good feeling...i keep rubbing it in to everyone around think they are getting mad - but *shrug* oh

i had not done anything in terms of getting ready to
go....i have a TON of laundry to do...i have to figure out
exactly what i'm using to pack all this stuff....i have to
get my train ticket refund....i have to figure out what
other crap i'm bringing with me just because i'm
sentimental and don't like to be without
have to find time to see all my friends before i go...i
have to spend hella amounts of time with my mom and step-
dad before i go....

it's hard for me to concentrate on anything
seriously, i'm sitting here at work - just thinking about
how excited i am to nervous i happy i
am... :)

i have been the prime example of a slacker these past
couple just don't feel like don't
anything...i just want to get the hell out of here...if you
couldn't tell...

it's awfully damn cold today - i was walking to work and i
realized how cold these pants that i have on today
get...they are a funky material and the fabric actually
gets cold and makes my legs even colder....brrrr....

i never realized what a big day february 27th is....there
are SO many people that have a birthday today - it's

sorry, i'm just babbling about random crap....wait, i'm
apologizing to no one....there's probably only one person
who reads this and i know he most likely doesn't care about
the randomness of this - he's probably waiting for the part
where i'll get to talking about :D right?!?

this morning is going by first i was flying by -
but now it's ridiculously slow....

i feel pretty today...that's good...i like when i feel
pretty - it makes me think that everyone else thinks i'm
pretty too... :) *flashes pretty look at you* see...i bet
you're swooning aren't you?

this morning i had a piece of cinnamon raisin
was delicious...i always forget how good it is - but then
when i have it again it's the greatest suprise

whoever reads this from the board can see now that when i
post stupid topics - it's not because i like to fill the
board with random crap...oh no!! it's much larger than
that.....random stupid gay crap is all that comes into my
head most of the thought after the other is
equally as unimportant sometimes...especially on days like
today...days when i can't concentrate on anything but being

i got to see my nephew last night - he's turned into quite
a's the cutest baby ever...i'm going to
miss being able to spend time with him when i leave...but
at least i can send him random, yet completely awesome,
gifts and he'll think that he has the greatest aunt sarah
and uncle brett in the world huh? lol :D

well for now this is all i can think of....