The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-02-27 16:00:05 (UTC)

hey hey hey!

hello all, i went and saw Queen of the Damned last night!
it was a really really really good movie absolutly NOTHING
like the book, but thats ok it was still really really
really good! was the last day for swimming in
school...i love to SWIM, but just not for gym we never do
anything fun/exciting. oh well i am really tired!!...oh
well i guess i should go to sleep earlier tonight...but hey
i figued it out that there is only 47 days left till my
birthday! i turn 17! finally...but until then i most likely
wont be doing anything i didnt do anything last year
either, but thats ok it sucks thought because my birthday
is diring spring break when EVERYONE go on vacation so i
have nevre really had big birthday parties they have always
been VERY small...ummm....i also have a really really big
credit card bill that i got and i will have fun coming up
with the money to pay for it...but i am sure like always i
will manage i will probably come up with JUST enough...okie
dokie well since i am not really saying anything
interesting i am going to go so ill talk to you all
later..buh bye
love ya