Fazzy's Memoires....
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2002-02-27 10:41:39 (UTC)

My feelings lately..

Lately i've been feeling, down. I guess i'd link it to
the unfortunate circumstances evolving in my life right
now, not having a job, having difficulty locating a job in
this city, might have to move to a bigger city.. In hope
that i'll find employment there that will finnally put joy
in my life.

There a saying that says.. Money aint everything, but
Happiness is. well.. it's kinda sad when in today's world.
you need money to be happy... *sigh*

I seem to have lost a few friends of mine, both of them i
knew from high school. and right through College our
friendship has growing strong. But, lately, we lost touch..
I still have their numbers, but, i'm holding back. I just
dunno what to do. Cause i dont want to be regarded as a
failure. They both got goood jobs and a loving girl at
their side. And me.. we'll i got none. It is true that in a
friendship, this matter shouldnt even relate.. but.. i just
feel that it does.

I seem to even have lost some good friends of mine on
Icq. They seldomly pop online anymore or we just lost

I've been looking around in Icq white pages for
replacements *** people i can get to know and just chat
with ***. But, it's just not the same.

You grow attached to people and when they seem to break
away. It hurts just as much as in real life.


Lately i've been thinking of.. Why am i here ?? Why ?? I
just hope that the answer aint what i imagine it is..
Cause... Seeing another sunset... might not happen