Pure Belligerence
2001-05-05 01:38:26 (UTC)

*Hey baby wanna cyber? because Amy, in real life i would never be able to get a girl as great as you to fuck me in any other way....*

yippy.... i got feedback! feedback is great. I like
feedback. And this time they put their email address....
thanks for that! Nobody (not that i get a lot of feedback)
ever leaves their email address for some reason. hmm, well
today was not very eventful... but this week flew by. 6
more weeks unill summer vaca.... its not going to be nearly
as long as last year. Last summer we had 12 weeks because
of the time they needed for the new school to be built....
and now theyre making up for it by only giving us 8 weeks.
Iv got a question. Why do guys always try to pick people
up on the internet? I mean, could they possibly find a
better way to make it clear to us that they are in fact
losers who cant get any in real life and have to try to get
girls online who cant see their ugly faces? Or is it just a way for
them to compensate for a small penis? The world may never know. I
think they
should take their hands out of their pants for a minute and
think about other more productive things they could be
doing. And those aol chat rooms are horrible. I havent
been in one for about a year now.... but tonight im soooo
bored and had nothing better to do so i thought i would go
and try to find some intelligent converstion.... oh boy was
i wrong. Can you say.... anger? Now i dont know if this
comes from people's sexual frustrations or what.... but
they need to chill. And thats all i have to say on that

oh, one more thing, whenever someone ims me and just says wanna
cyber? I say sure, and when they ask my a/s/l i tell them
64/trans/ct, and of course they never wanna talk with someone from
connecticut. go figure.