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2002-02-27 09:14:38 (UTC)

26 27th

well yesterday at school was average. i played some frisbee
which seemed to go on for eternity. in science golsby was
talking about some kids nipple ring. so i went and saw it
and it was fucking skaos! best ever! that night i had to go
to some stupid meeting for the rest of yr 10 and what not,
it sucked except for seeing some sexy middle aged women.
sarah and melanies mums were okay. that night i felt really
sick, i wasnt going to school anyway cos of the stupid
swimming carnival but today i felt so sick! my stomach felt
like i was punched,real hard. i had to cancel my guitar
lesson which sucked arse cos i only do it every couple
weeks. i feel a little better now though. i have to go to
school tomorrow, which will suck. well thats all thas been
going down for me
bye bye