Emo song waiting to happen...
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2002-02-27 05:58:07 (UTC)

I'm Back...

well I haven't written in a really really long time. I
can't even remember what I wrote last time I wrote in this
thing so I'll just pretend I'm starting off new... I just
got back from our "come back" show with Evan as our new
drummer, I guess it went alright, I had fun either way...
Nick is being a fucking asshole as per usual, today he said
we "never listen to him" but I know thats bullshit... ok so
I'll admit there has been a share of times where I'll block
out his ideas cause I'm sorry, sometimes I just don't agree
with his ideas, I know it's kinda dick, but like it just
doesn't go with our style or I dunno... but even if we
don't listen to him, so he says, he's a fucking asshole to
us all the time... he's always making fun of AJ, he makes
it sound like he doesn't know jack shit about music, for
all Nick knows, AJ could become a famous musician one day,
Nick thinks he knows all this shit about music, not that I
do, I know I don't I have a shit load to learn, but he
needs to just quit his shit. Maybe I would actually
consider some of his ideas for a change if he wasn't so
demanding and fucking stuborn all the time. I bet if he
read this he'd be like "what complete bullshit," that's
what pisses me off even more, he see's us as the assholes
and he also makes me look like the asshole, I remember when
Frances was in the band he would ALWAYS make me look like
an ass in front of her, I think that's why she stopped
talking to me... oh well it's not like anyone would
believe me anyways... I don't want Nick to quit or
anything, he's a cool friend and a good guitarist, but
sometimes he just needs to realize a few things... like
just play a goddamn simple power chord for once, I mean
we're a punk band, it's normal for us to do it, he hardly
ever plays chords sometimes, but lately he's been playing
chords, thats why I didn't want him to play the acoustic
show, cause I know he'd fuck around and shit, and he'd
think he made it sound all cool or something... aye fuck it
I'm gonna stop, I'm gonna try and not let it get to me.
Well today the show was cool cause I saw the Vally Lemons
for the first time and they were pretty good, I also saw
Nikki there, God I swear she's beautiful, if she knew how I
thought about her she'd probably get all freaked out, I
hardly know her, but I swear she looks almost EXACTLY like
the girl I saw in my dreams, I can't get over it, its kinda
scary... and like she's a real nice girl, and has an
awesome music taste, but I know she'd never go for a guy
like me, haha, I'm kinda a loser, and her living in Weslaco
doesn't help... what am I saying? I hardly even know her...
::slaps self:: I swear I need to find a girl, I'm getting
lonely, and I hate being alone, it's not a good feeling, I
just want someone I can have a steady relationship with,
and will be all cool and stuff, she won't fuck me over, and
she'd be real supportive of the band. ahh.... I dunno I
think I just need sleep... I'm out...

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