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2002-02-27 05:55:35 (UTC)

o level

results are comin out on thursday.. im not surehow im gonna
take it.. havent been able to sit down and think abt the

dis is de agony of waitin i guess.. i have that same stupid
screwed feeling i had for prelims.. talked to ti just now..
true.. theres nothing tt we can do coz its already in the
vault.. but why is my heart racing?

uncle said that when u fear, its a good sign.. but i dont
even for sure noe whether the feeling i have in me is fear
or not.

i dont or rather cant talk to anyone abt this. everyones
feelin fucked in their own sense. but i think i fixed my
mind on wat to do.

i will tell vincent im not comin for work and have the
whole morning to myself. mantra chant. then abt 1 meet up
with the gang and eat. then go to school. be nonchalant.
act as if nothing is goin down. tehn go to the hall sit
down. look at all the familiar faces. look at all the
dumbass, ok be nice nis.., i meant nice teachers.. and the
school admin who cum as my public no. 1 enemies. get
results. keep slip in bag. go beach with clicque.

open at beach. good, go swim. bad.. lets all drown.
dats it.

oh yah nis, dont forget to bring extra clothes...*wink*

good luck n best regards.