Born To Fly
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2002-02-27 05:34:26 (UTC)

My rude awakening

CuTiekD03: are you and todd going to the meet on thursday?
SalsaChic2003: todd isnt
CuTiekD03: why?
CuTiekD03: volleyball?
SalsaChic2003: yep
SalsaChic2003: and science fair
CuTiekD03: game?
CuTiekD03: oh
SalsaChic2003: practice
CuTiekD03: mike has been working on that all week
SalsaChic2003: thats great
CuTiekD03: they have it so hard
CuTiekD03: being in ap bio and all
SalsaChic2003: ryan has to do it too
CuTiekD03: i know
CuTiekD03: he is doing rust
SalsaChic2003: not just rust
SalsaChic2003: the affect of bacteria on ruse!!! tisk tisk gotta get
it right
CuTiekD03: thats not quite as hard as photosynthesis and pigmentation
of plants
SalsaChic2003: just big words
CuTiekD03: more than that
CuTiekD03: big words with big meaningds
CuTiekD03: meanings*
SalsaChic2003: si si
SalsaChic2003: sounds like it
CuTiekD03: oh well i guess mike can cheer for the both of them
SalsaChic2003: umm probably!
SalsaChic2003: todd will be there in spirit
CuTiekD03: if he remembers to think about it during practice
SalsaChic2003: ok he loves jackie and kk so i think he will have it
on his mind a lot
SalsaChic2003: so no prob there i hope
CuTiekD03: what a cute sentiment
SalsaChic2003: its true
SalsaChic2003: what can i say
CuTiekD03: not much more than that i suppose
CuTiekD03: to bad its not as good as the real thing
CuTiekD03: but you know, the thought that counts
SalsaChic2003: ok kristin mike is better than todd i get it!!!
SalsaChic2003: he is more supportive of the girls
SalsaChic2003: i understand
SalsaChic2003: happy???
CuTiekD03: you just shouldnt commit todd to doing someting if he cant
do it
SalsaChic2003: i didnt commit him
SalsaChic2003: he said he would see and that he really wanted to be
CuTiekD03: no you didnt
SalsaChic2003: but vball is important cause he has a starting spot
and has to defend it
SalsaChic2003: WHAT
SalsaChic2003: kristin what do you want me to say
CuTiekD03: monday you were lke "yeah! todd is getting out of wieght
lifting early to come!"
SalsaChic2003: ya he said he would
SalsaChic2003: but the situation is different
SalsaChic2003: he is a starter now
CuTiekD03: on varsity?
SalsaChic2003: NO
CuTiekD03: i didnt know he was that good
CuTiekD03: oooh
SalsaChic2003: god
SalsaChic2003: whats the big deal??? think they are gonna like you
two more because mike is going to the meet, may be true, but oh
well!! I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT... i dont control todds schedule
SalsaChic2003: things change
SalsaChic2003: and im sure jackie and kk will forgive him!
CuTiekD03: i never said they wouldnt
SalsaChic2003: ya but then whats the big deal
CuTiekD03: i was just wondering if he was going
CuTiekD03: and since he wasnt why you were saying he was when he cant
CuTiekD03: lordy
SalsaChic2003: THAT WAS MONDAY
SalsaChic2003: morning not afternooon!!!!
CuTiekD03: today is tuesday
CuTiekD03: one day difference isnt all that much
CuTiekD03: we didnt talk about it today
SalsaChic2003: ya so what the hell are you talking about
SalsaChic2003: i told kk and jackie that he wouldnt be able to make it
SalsaChic2003: they know why
SalsaChic2003: and its ok
SalsaChic2003: you werent there i guess
SalsaChic2003: things changed when he started in the game AFTER school
CuTiekD03: too bad im not jackie and kk and didnt know
SalsaChic2003: kristin whats wrong
SalsaChic2003: relax
SalsaChic2003: its just a swim meet
CuTiekD03: nothing is wrong
CuTiekD03: you are getting all ancy
CuTiekD03: i just asked a question or three
CuTiekD03: and you flipped out on me
SalsaChic2003: because your making it seem like mike is soo much
SalsaChic2003: and that isnt ok!
SalsaChic2003: i dont care
CuTiekD03: im entitled to think he is
SalsaChic2003: ya you are
CuTiekD03: just like you are entitled to think todd is better
SalsaChic2003: well i dont
SalsaChic2003: i dont think they are better than each other
CuTiekD03: i didnt say they were either
CuTiekD03: i just said we were entitled to think so
CuTiekD03: there is a difference
SalsaChic2003: ok sorry my dense mind didnt catch that
SalsaChic2003: MY BAD
CuTiekD03: you just didnt read it right
CuTiekD03: i didnt say you were dense either
SalsaChic2003: I KNOW
SalsaChic2003: i said it
SalsaChic2003: cassie said cassie was dense
CuTiekD03: if you want to think that of yurself
CuTiekD03: yourself*
SalsaChic2003: yes i do
SalsaChic2003: Ü
CuTiekD03: thats low
SalsaChic2003: deal with it
CuTiekD03: dealing
SalsaChic2003: haha good
CuTiekD03: why are you mad at me
SalsaChic2003: im not
CuTiekD03: will you for the love of god tell someone who will tell me
SalsaChic2003: kristin
SalsaChic2003: relax
SalsaChic2003: im not gonna say anything
SalsaChic2003: to anyone
SalsaChic2003: cause im not
CuTiekD03: you arnt even telling todd
CuTiekD03: what the hell
SalsaChic2003: why would i tell todd
SalsaChic2003: why would i tell ANYONE
CuTiekD03: omg
SalsaChic2003: AND!
CuTiekD03: do we not take this seriously
CuTiekD03: sometimes i really think you are leading him on
SalsaChic2003: KRISTIN
SalsaChic2003: what the fuck
SalsaChic2003: omg
SalsaChic2003: what the fucking god is your problem
SalsaChic2003: will you just leave me and todd ALONE!!!
SalsaChic2003: what makes you think that
CuTiekD03: you make me think that
SalsaChic2003: HOW
CuTiekD03: you neglect him
SalsaChic2003: i do? how?
SalsaChic2003: tell me
CuTiekD03: and you get tired of him
SalsaChic2003: i do?
SalsaChic2003: how?
CuTiekD03: and you are "having problems with him"
SalsaChic2003: kristin how do you know that
CuTiekD03: and you "dont know how to talk to him"
SalsaChic2003: i havent told you anything in about a fucking million
SalsaChic2003: ok then what should i do
SalsaChic2003: should i admit that im a terrible gf
SalsaChic2003: FINE
SalsaChic2003: I SUCK AT IT
SalsaChic2003: this isnt new news
SalsaChic2003: NO im not as great as you
SalsaChic2003: i dont make him lunh
SalsaChic2003: i dont wait on him hand and foot
SalsaChic2003: i dont spend every moment with him
CuTiekD03: i dont wait on mike
SalsaChic2003: IS THAT BETTER?
SalsaChic2003: i never said you did
CuTiekD03: you implied it
SalsaChic2003: our relationship isnt as perfect as yours and mikes
has turned out to be and IM SORRY!!! if im so bad at this just tell
todd you think so
SalsaChic2003: i really want you to
SalsaChic2003: and maybe he will talk to you about it
CuTiekD03: he will juyst get mad at you
CuTiekD03: becaUSE he "values my oppinion"
CuTiekD03: and then he will get mad at me
CuTiekD03: and then at mike
CuTiekD03: then it will be a mess
SalsaChic2003: then go ahead
SalsaChic2003: i dont mind if he is mad at me at all
CuTiekD03: im not going to
CuTiekD03: see see
SalsaChic2003: at least he is honest
SalsaChic2003: well why not
SalsaChic2003: so you can think less of me?
CuTiekD03: that is why i think you are leading him on
SalsaChic2003: just tell him what you feel and then ill talk to him
once you are done
CuTiekD03: mike is honest
CuTiekD03: i am hoinest
CuTiekD03: honest*
CuTiekD03: no
CuTiekD03: you will lie
SalsaChic2003: i KNOW THAT
CuTiekD03: and say someting that is contorted
SalsaChic2003: then YOU SAY IT
SalsaChic2003: it will be honest
SalsaChic2003: and true
CuTiekD03: its my oppinion
SalsaChic2003: and not contorted
CuTiekD03: not fact
SalsaChic2003: JUST TELL HIM
SalsaChic2003: JUST TELL HIM
CuTiekD03: hes not even on
SalsaChic2003: I DONT CARE
SalsaChic2003: when he is
SalsaChic2003: you tell him
SalsaChic2003: ok
SalsaChic2003: i need you to tell him
CuTiekD03: ill pencil it in my list of things to do
SalsaChic2003: no im serious
SalsaChic2003: im not being funny
SalsaChic2003: i need you to do this ok
CuTiekD03: why
SalsaChic2003: JUST PLEASE DO IT
CuTiekD03: then i would be doing you a favor
SalsaChic2003: NO
CuTiekD03: and it might hurt me
SalsaChic2003: you would be helping todd
CuTiekD03: how
CuTiekD03: by making him mad at me
CuTiekD03: and you
CuTiekD03: and then mke
CuTiekD03: mikey*
SalsaChic2003: cause he does value you in a BIG way and then you will
maybe open his eyes to something that he doesnt want to be in
SalsaChic2003: it wont affect you and mike
SalsaChic2003: thats not possible
SalsaChic2003: you and mike are great
SalsaChic2003: nothing can hurt you two
SalsaChic2003: and if it did it would be gay and you would be right
CuTiekD03: but he will just get mad at us
CuTiekD03: ?
SalsaChic2003: todd would never be mad at you
SalsaChic2003: he loves you tooo much to be mad at you
SalsaChic2003: trust mt
SalsaChic2003: *me
CuTiekD03: he doesnt love me
SalsaChic2003: AS A FRIEND
CuTiekD03: and he would be mad at me
SalsaChic2003: no he wouldnt
CuTiekD03: he has been ad at me
SalsaChic2003: not lately
SalsaChic2003: at all
CuTiekD03: why not
SalsaChic2003: he knows that what girls fight about is with the girls
and he and mike are fine!
SalsaChic2003: and he still values your friendship
SalsaChic2003: and wouldnt break that for me
CuTiekD03: then why is he hostile towards me
CuTiekD03: why didnt you go on saturday
SalsaChic2003: i didnt tell him to be hostile to you! i dont know how
you got that idea but im not that stupid
SalsaChic2003: and why does it matter why i didnt go?
CuTiekD03: i want to know
SalsaChic2003: y?
SalsaChic2003: why is it important
SalsaChic2003: ..........
CuTiekD03: what did you do instead
CuTiekD03: your bf was there
CuTiekD03: your friends were there
CuTiekD03: you didnt go cuz i was three and it ewas at mikes house
SalsaChic2003: NO
CuTiekD03: thats all i can think of
SalsaChic2003: thats stupid ass reason
SalsaChic2003: kristin do you realize that im a party pooper
SalsaChic2003: do you know that
SalsaChic2003: cause its true and i know this
SalsaChic2003: and im tired of making your fun things bad
SalsaChic2003: OK
SalsaChic2003: so there
SalsaChic2003: i stayed home
CuTiekD03: thats bull shit too
SalsaChic2003: KRISTIN
SalsaChic2003: thats not bs
SalsaChic2003: what
SalsaChic2003: im being honest and its bs
CuTiekD03: SalsaChic2003: and im tired of making your fun things bad
SalsaChic2003: WHAT
SalsaChic2003: i do that
CuTiekD03: how do you ruin my evenings?
SalsaChic2003: if i go you know you wont be comfortable
CuTiekD03: not true
SalsaChic2003: and if i dont how come YOU didnt ask if i was going
SalsaChic2003: the only people who told me about it were matt and ryan
CuTiekD03: i assumed you wwouldnt go
CuTiekD03: and iw as right
SalsaChic2003: that kinda hints to me that MIKE and KRISTIN dont
really care
CuTiekD03: i thought todd would
SalsaChic2003: so you assumed right
SalsaChic2003: why does it matter?
SalsaChic2003: why does it matter that i didnt go?
CuTiekD03: cant i wonder about y i suppose ex friend
CuTiekD03: my*
SalsaChic2003: kristin why do you wonder about an EX frienc
SalsaChic2003: *friend
SalsaChic2003: i know you have currents to wonder about
SalsaChic2003: so just stop wasting your time
CuTiekD03: because we share the same friends
SalsaChic2003: SO
CuTiekD03: and jackie and kk are in the middle
SalsaChic2003: no they arent
CuTiekD03: cuz SOMEBODY wont talk
SalsaChic2003: they arent involved
SalsaChic2003: jackie doesnt think so
SalsaChic2003: maybe KK does
CuTiekD03: cassie you dont need them to tell for a friend to know
CuTiekD03: jackie hates fighing
CuTiekD03: this i know
CuTiekD03: and we are fighting
CuTiekD03: therfore she hates this situation
SalsaChic2003: ok
SalsaChic2003: i talk to jackie about this all the time
CuTiekD03: my god are you really afraid of me? am i that mean
SalsaChic2003: KRISTIN
SalsaChic2003: im not afraid
CuTiekD03: that gets her int he middle
CuTiekD03: get it?
SalsaChic2003: i jsut want to put it behind me
SalsaChic2003: jackie doesnt give a shit
SalsaChic2003: we all eat together
SalsaChic2003: we are all still there
CuTiekD03: uuugh
SalsaChic2003: no one is left out
CuTiekD03: why do i wante my time tryting to get thiks in your head
CuTiekD03: waste*
SalsaChic2003: i dunno
SalsaChic2003: you know its hopeless
CuTiekD03: word
SalsaChic2003: yep
SalsaChic2003: listen
CuTiekD03: reading
CuTiekD03: waiting...
SalsaChic2003: your the one who is the better of us in this
situation.....your the happier, your the one who still goes out,
still takes care of herself, still talks about her bf and is happy,
IM NOT......so they are attached to your side of this but it doesnt
matter to me. i dont talk about my problems because they are MY
SalsaChic2003: and i dont think you all need to worry about MY
SalsaChic2003: if i talked about them then all it would do would get
it out there and just sit above you all like it sits above me
SalsaChic2003: a big ole cloud
SalsaChic2003: and what is the point of that?
CuTiekD03: how many problems could you possibly have
SalsaChic2003: do you really need me to list them
CuTiekD03: you dont have as many as you thik
CuTiekD03: think*
SalsaChic2003: and you have no idea what my life is like because i
dont talk to you anymore, havent in a while about anything that
SalsaChic2003: You dont know all
SalsaChic2003: AND YES I DO
SalsaChic2003: i wish i had less
SalsaChic2003: you dont know about ANY so please dont tell me i dont
have problems
CuTiekD03: well i dont know why you decided to stop being my friend
SalsaChic2003: I DIDNT
CuTiekD03: yes you did
SalsaChic2003: shit
CuTiekD03: cuz you said i wasnt worth your breath
SalsaChic2003: NO
SalsaChic2003: i said that talking about it wasnt worth it
CuTiekD03: "kristin it would be a waste of my breath to tell you
SalsaChic2003: cause its not gonna fix anything
SalsaChic2003: your still gonna think im a liar
CuTiekD03: i wasnt going to go on the "nooo cassie" trip
SalsaChic2003: your still gonna have your favorites
CuTiekD03: favourites?! what the hell is that
CuTiekD03: you have yours too
SalsaChic2003: NO
CuTiekD03: i guess camyle is your new best friend
SalsaChic2003: i didnt mean it that way
CuTiekD03: where the hell did she come from
CuTiekD03: your ass
CuTiekD03: my god
SalsaChic2003: KRISTIN
CuTiekD03: she gets in a fight youi get in a fight and all of a
sudden you 2 are bff
SalsaChic2003: if you even fucking go there i will seriously be so
pissed and she has talked to me about it and why does it matter!!!!!!
SalsaChic2003: and she will talk to you about it
SalsaChic2003: because she knows you think that we are only friends
because of that
CuTiekD03: you are
SalsaChic2003: no we arent
CuTiekD03: she was a convinient friend
CuTiekD03: i mean
SalsaChic2003: NOOO SHE WASNT
CuTiekD03: maybe you ar real friends
CuTiekD03: but you needed thiks to get you two together
CuTiekD03: this*
CuTiekD03: god damn these fucking nails
SalsaChic2003: ok read this
CuTiekD03: ?
SalsaChic2003: cammy and i have always been friends but there are
times when we have been better and worse. right now both of us are
trying to toss each problem out the window, that doesnt bother you,
it makes it so i dont have to bitch to jackie or kk or you or the
boys and i think thats better for you three and me and sooo what if
we enjoy each others company, since september we have been better
friends and if that bothers you then im SORRY
CuTiekD03: if you want to think of it that way fine
SalsaChic2003: how do you see it?
CuTiekD03: i think you know how i see it
SalsaChic2003: no i dont
SalsaChic2003: obviously
SalsaChic2003: just tell me
CuTiekD03: you and camy have always been friends ok fine whatever
CuTiekD03: but all of a sudden after eerything blows up you two are
joined at the hip
SalsaChic2003: is that bad?
CuTiekD03: i know there are things about her you cant stand
CuTiekD03: youve told me so
SalsaChic2003: ya and she has things that she says ANNOY her about me
SalsaChic2003: haha thats normal
CuTiekD03: so sometimes i think you are pretending to be best friends
with her just to ahve a best friend
CuTiekD03: and ive notived from this year and last whenever we get in
a fight and you two become bff she becomes increasingly hostile
towards me
SalsaChic2003: ok why do you think that i have a fake bf whom im just
leading on and a fake best friend to have a best friend
SalsaChic2003: i dont tell her to be mean to you
CuTiekD03: so i dont know what the hell you tell hre about me an my
life but i know i dont like it
SalsaChic2003: she still is your friend
CuTiekD03: and i know you will tell her anything because you dont
understand the term confidential
CuTiekD03: and PS she is everyones friend
SalsaChic2003: I KNOW
SalsaChic2003: so what is the big deal
CuTiekD03: or at least tries to be or thinks she is
SalsaChic2003: she isnt MY friend
SalsaChic2003: she is yours
SalsaChic2003: and jackies
SalsaChic2003: and kk
SalsaChic2003: and EVERYONE
SalsaChic2003: but i havent told her to be hostile to you
SalsaChic2003: or to do this or that
CuTiekD03: obviously
SalsaChic2003: do you really think im that low and desperate for a
CuTiekD03: but she acts that way cuz she sees you doing this
CuTiekD03: and i know you are going to tell her this but FINE
CuTiekD03: look at the way she acts around you
SalsaChic2003: no i know what im gonna do
CuTiekD03: then the way she acts around malika
SalsaChic2003: tommorrow we you me and cammy are gonna sit and talk
and you can say how you feel and cammy will tell you that she is
CuTiekD03: i dont want to hear it from camyle
SalsaChic2003: and not just mine
CuTiekD03: or you
SalsaChic2003: well t hen why are you talking to me????
SalsaChic2003: what do you want me to say
CuTiekD03: since you didnt catch it... TOMORROW
SalsaChic2003: ?
CuTiekD03: nevermind
SalsaChic2003: ok
CuTiekD03: whatever happened to the idea of kathryn sitting between
us in history
SalsaChic2003: why does that matter
SalsaChic2003: you want that?
SalsaChic2003: you hate me THAT much?
CuTiekD03: no you hate me that much
SalsaChic2003: NO I DONT KRISTIN
SalsaChic2003: KRSITIN
SalsaChic2003: I DONT HATE YOU
SalsaChic2003: you want to know
SalsaChic2003: i dont hate you!!!!
CuTiekD03: ok
CuTiekD03: you dont hate anyone
SalsaChic2003: I MISS YOU
CuTiekD03: exceot the select few luke that chad guy
SalsaChic2003: ok now that is the fucking honest thing and if you
dont want to believe it FINE
SalsaChic2003: ok shit now im crying
CuTiekD03: MEE TOO
SalsaChic2003: god i promised i wouldnt say that
CuTiekD03: i need a kleenex
SalsaChic2003: ya
SalsaChic2003: i know
CuTiekD03: i did!
CuTiekD03: whenver i am in a fight with you in partcular my life isnt
easy at all
CuTiekD03: school is harder friends are harder and im more snappy
with mike
SalsaChic2003: so ya thats what i feel and i dont hate you so
whenever you say kk needs to sit between us its like FINE whatever
you want because i dont want to seem pussy like awww
SalsaChic2003: but its HARD
CuTiekD03: i get really paranoid and i become really self awar
SalsaChic2003: its so fucking HARD
CuTiekD03: you can even ask jackie she noticed it too
SalsaChic2003: ya i know
SalsaChic2003: she told me how she can tell i have problems but just
let them sit in my locker
CuTiekD03: i just dont see where you could have a problem
CuTiekD03: i mean wiyth what
CuTiekD03: i thought they were all over
CuTiekD03: the chad thing passed
SalsaChic2003: with all you know about
SalsaChic2003: ya
CuTiekD03: you are doing well in school
SalsaChic2003: nooo
CuTiekD03: in history
SalsaChic2003: i have two progress reports
CuTiekD03: in math and cham
CuTiekD03: chem*
CuTiekD03: they are chit classes
SalsaChic2003: no spanish
CuTiekD03: uugh shit*
CuTiekD03: thats shit too
SalsaChic2003: ok today the highlight of my day was mr moran telling
me how if i dont get an a i will get kicked out of school
CuTiekD03: you wont get kicked out of school
SalsaChic2003: i have to have a meeting with mrs sinclair cause they
are thinking about not asking me back next year
SalsaChic2003: thats a problem
SalsaChic2003: ASK KATHRYN
SalsaChic2003: she sat in the hallway
SalsaChic2003: heard it ALL
CuTiekD03: you are getting an a in history
SalsaChic2003: they dont care
CuTiekD03: is that why you want to transfer to FSHA?
SalsaChic2003: YES
SalsaChic2003: that is why towards the end of last semester i stopped
CuTiekD03: suddenly a lot makes sense
SalsaChic2003: yep
SalsaChic2003: welcome to my problems! didnt make things better did
SalsaChic2003: "cassie your really studious this semester" ya or
get my ass kicked out
CuTiekD03: you wont get kicked out
SalsaChic2003: i distance myself from you guys a little bit more
cause if i have to leave its gonna be so fucking hard
CuTiekD03: dont worry about that
SalsaChic2003: then we get into it and i figure well hey one less
heartbreak down and three to go
CuTiekD03: thats what i figured when i said it all made sense
CuTiekD03: does todd know?
SalsaChic2003: what do you think?
CuTiekD03: yes
SalsaChic2003: he has an idea
SalsaChic2003: but no
SalsaChic2003: i havent told him
CuTiekD03: i wont tell mike then
SalsaChic2003: are you gonna tell mike all of this
CuTiekD03: no
SalsaChic2003: ok
CuTiekD03: suddenly things in your life make sense to me
SalsaChic2003: yaaa
CuTiekD03: like everything *almost*
SalsaChic2003: i know
CuTiekD03: i still dont know why we got in a fight
CuTiekD03: i remember a few things
SalsaChic2003: the rest just has to do with wellbutrin and i guess im
getting the depression aspect of it
CuTiekD03: like something happened that you said was embarrasing
CuTiekD03: a loooong time ago
SalsaChic2003: yep LONG time ago
SalsaChic2003: i remember why
CuTiekD03: and then you sad we needed to talk
CuTiekD03: why?
SalsaChic2003: but its just a long story
CuTiekD03: oh
CuTiekD03: and then you said something ab0ut it not being an internet
CuTiekD03: then it was my bday and things were ok
CuTiekD03: then we had a talk in spk and things were ok
CuTiekD03: then it just wnt down hill
SalsaChic2003: we just got tired of each other and then you had
the "oh cassie said blah blah" when i really said x and y and i got
the "well kristin thinks your this and that" and ou really said
CuTiekD03: and i rmember the fight
SalsaChic2003: and then we just got tired of each other
CuTiekD03: yeah
SalsaChic2003: and things got bitter beginning of the year but that
wore off
CuTiekD03: i rmember that
SalsaChic2003: and then i tried to help in something but i failed
SalsaChic2003: and that made you and mike mad
SalsaChic2003: then
CuTiekD03: i remember that
SalsaChic2003: retreat and kristen not knowing that jenn talked to me
and you getting mad at me
SalsaChic2003: and then i got fed up
SalsaChic2003: and was bitter
SalsaChic2003: and was rude
SalsaChic2003: and a bitch basically
CuTiekD03: yeah that was hard
CuTiekD03: really hard
CuTiekD03: but i remember you said something about we needed to talk
but it wasnt an internet convo
CuTiekD03: and i waited a week then talked to kristen then just got
SalsaChic2003: annnd then jackie and i had problems with you and kk
and being jealous of not being included and then i thought you were
doing it because you invited jackie here and you had kaldies and you
and kk had target and all these things and cassie and kristin had umm
CuTiekD03: so i claled you
CuTiekD03: SalsaChic2003: annnd then jackie and i had problems with
you and kk and being jealous of not being included
SalsaChic2003: not jealous but not understanding
CuTiekD03: when were kathryn and i not understanding?
SalsaChic2003: nooo
SalsaChic2003: NO
SalsaChic2003: me and jackie not understanding
CuTiekD03: not understandin kka nd i?
CuTiekD03: oh like running errands and stuff?
SalsaChic2003: we were sad because you and kk had all this talk times
and we didnt with you or kk
SalsaChic2003: and we couldnt run errands
SalsaChic2003: and we felt not fun
SalsaChic2003: but then you and jackie found kaldis
CuTiekD03: oh i know what you are talking about
CuTiekD03: post ryan
SalsaChic2003: then it was just me like ummm ooook
SalsaChic2003: and i convinced myself that you really really didnt
like me
SalsaChic2003: and YA
SalsaChic2003: me trying to get back at you
SalsaChic2003: stupid things
CuTiekD03: yes again things make sense
SalsaChic2003: (talk to todd)
CuTiekD03: SEE now i am not confused
SalsaChic2003: i know
CuTiekD03: about what
SalsaChic2003: what you thought before
CuTiekD03: no i wont talk to todd
SalsaChic2003: so ya thats about it
CuTiekD03: if nothing more than to say hi
SalsaChic2003: times ten of course
CuTiekD03: yeah i get it
CuTiekD03: wow
SalsaChic2003: i actually made a chart i was so mad
CuTiekD03: a chart?
SalsaChic2003: so i wouldnt forget my "ligit" reasons which was a
SalsaChic2003: this is what happened
SalsaChic2003: you asked me my prob with you and i had nothing to say
and i lost my thought so i said nothing its a waste of my breathe
SalsaChic2003: but truly i just couldnt think i was so mad
CuTiekD03: oh
CuTiekD03: hey did you ever get that note i left in your backpack?
when we had history in the library
SalsaChic2003: ya like last weekend
CuTiekD03: yeah i was wondering where a waste of your breath came from
CuTiekD03: that blew me away
SalsaChic2003: i know
SalsaChic2003: and then i realized that kristen had a different
impresson on you meaning that you knew she was honest where as i had
grown up but i knew if i told you what really happened that you would
still believe kristen so i said waste of breathe
CuTiekD03: kristen doesnt know everything..
SalsaChic2003: well to you i thought she did
CuTiekD03: oh
SalsaChic2003: and like you are with me and cammy i was like whre did
kristen come from
CuTiekD03: yeah i can see that
CuTiekD03: i wonder about that too sometimes
CuTiekD03: i dont relaly know
CuTiekD03: i guess after we voluentered together
CuTiekD03: and shtuff like that
SalsaChic2003: ya
CuTiekD03: are you just sitting here like me just kinda blown away...
SalsaChic2003: basically
CuTiekD03: thats what i thought
SalsaChic2003: staring at nothing
CuTiekD03: not talking to anyone
SalsaChic2003: kinda like what now?
SalsaChic2003: ya
CuTiekD03: ya
SalsaChic2003: just sitting
CuTiekD03: thinking
SalsaChic2003: looking at my keyboard
CuTiekD03: the clock
CuTiekD03: one knee up
SalsaChic2003: haha me too
SalsaChic2003: my chin on it
SalsaChic2003: hugging my leg
CuTiekD03: yup
CuTiekD03: im in the exact same position
SalsaChic2003: yea
CuTiekD03: hands dangling
CuTiekD03: sometimes picking eachtoehr
SalsaChic2003: fetal position! gotta love it
CuTiekD03: eachother*
CuTiekD03: word
CuTiekD03: cass we were not meant to be enemies
SalsaChic2003: i know
SalsaChic2003: which is sad
CuTiekD03: its dangerous when we are mad at eachother
SalsaChic2003: cause were pretty close
SalsaChic2003: haha wars can start
CuTiekD03: word