2002-02-27 05:33:27 (UTC)

I have never read a better book...

Today was okay. I woke up and was running almost late for
school again. I made it on time anyway. My French teacher
pissed me off cause yesterday she said that we're gonna be
doing projects today, so we don't have to bring our books.
I come to school today and the first thing she sais
is: "Book Check." That made me very mad. Yeah it's only 5
points but still, we shouldn't get points off for her
mistake. Then I was to share with this rude girl who didn't
even let me look on with her. Well at first she did, but
later she practically had it to her chest. Since I had some
cash I thought, I will be buying coffee today to cheer up.

Coffee can always cheer me up. Yesterday I set a question
to the people I was eating lunch with: "What's better? Guys
or Coffee?" My friends all agreed to guys, but I still say
it is coffee. Dunkachinoes make my day.
Bad thing is that my friend didn't wanna go outside. I hang
with four of them, Michelle, Alina, and Alina. Michelle
wanted to do work, sleep and not get cold so she wanted to
go to the lunchroom. The Alina's followed. I said that
since my French teacher pissed me off I'll go stag and get
some coffee.
I found this Dude that hangs with my friend there all alone
reading a World Studies book. (He's a sophomore.) I asked
him what was the matter with his friend and him, I thought
they got in a fight, since she was there yesterday and
asked to sit with my company. The dude was right behind
her, he didn't notice. He said that there is something
about her getting mad at him, but I don't quite get that.
It is none of my business anyway. I just hope all goes well.

After school I was gonna go to the black history month
assembly. It started at 4:00, so I stayed at the library
reading the 8th chapter of the lord of the rings. I didn't
finish the chapter cause I was to go to the assembly. I
took a detour to my locker to get my stuff though. I met up
with an acquaintance there and we got to talking, later
another friend came by. The assembly was delayed for some
reason by atleast 15 minutes, but it started later and
seemed to be unravelling quite nicely. An old Lane Tech
graduate was announcing what is to come. We heard the
gospel choir, an essay, a few poems, (one of which was by
Langston Hughes.) and a play. The play would have been
okay, but I believe the actors were lacking enthusiasm. It
got worse later, when the brakes in between scenes were
longer then the play. The crowd got agitated and bored
fast. We started talking about how stage crew always messes
up a show. Eventually it ended, and the Jazz band was to
perform. They were performing through out the play already
which was a nice touch and a saving of time. The downfall
to that was that the play scene was set in a restaurant. I
normally like Jazz, but this music wasn't to exciting.
Everone was even more bored. Especially because the scene
wasn't cleared up when they were performing, so it just
looked as though we, the audience, were just looking in
through a window on some restaurant. Not much was going on,
except the music. Hence people started leaving and there
were not much applause. I wanted to stay till the end even
though there was a dramatic downfall in my interest towards
the assembly. I was suppose to meet my mom on the Lane
parking lot at 5:10 though, and I was already 10 minutes
late, so I wanted to leave already. All that was to be left
after the Jazz band were two poems and another song by the
Gospel Choir. I started leaving among with some other
people, and the MC guy who graduated from our school tried
to be enthusiastic and said that it was our fault for the
assembly being the way it is, because we lacked interest.
All I could say was nothing, since I didn't have the
microphone in my hand, he did. But if I would have, I would
of told stage crew to better arrange the set, since I was
still not bored until those 4 sets of 5 minute breaks
inbetween the play. Besides I was late. Didn't matter
though. In order to get extra credit for my class I'd have
to stay a little longer and receive this ticket. The
majority, if not all of the students that were there came
only because they would get extra credit. The tickets were
being handed out before the ending so I took one and left.
I was very upset with the outcome of what I hoped would be
a delightful array of some of the best music, poetry, and
literature that the harlem renaissance has to offer. Since
the assembly was to be about the harlem renaissance.

I came home mad, did my homework, and ate some "pierogi"
and mushroom soup. (It's great to be a vegetarian.) Then I
met up with some friends online. Bad thing for me that one
was a guy from Callifornia, Andrew, which I met through my
best friend which now lives there, but will move back. He
has been no fun lately since he always has hockey and
tennis after school. I think it is exhausting him, since he
is always tired. I always tell him to go to sleep. He
usually leaves soon anyway. He's never on long, which is
bad cause I can't have a normal conversation with him. Then
again my best friend was also on. Seemed as though she
didn't have any time for me though. She was trying to
settle a dispute between two girls fighting over Andrew. I
think it was vicious since she too had to go soon. Andrew's
best frined Mark, and my best friend, Teresa, like each
other and are hopefully gonna hook up. So I atleast asked
her if she asked him yet. She said there were too many
people around. Oh well, there's always tommorow.

Anyway, here's the good part. I finally finished the long
awaited for last book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The
Return of the King. It was great. Superb beyond belief. It
made me do what no other book has made me do before.
There's actually two things. First, it made me wanna not
finnish reading it, or just start over and read it again.
Second, it made me cry. The ending was just so perfect. So
well thought out. So bittersweet, that I couldn't think of
any distractions. The whole trilogy took you from the
beggining of the war, when all is still well, to the heat
of the worst battle, and back again to perfect peace, and
unfogettable times. All this seen by the eyes of a simple
creature which represents the common man, who became the
hero of a nation. It was definately the best book I ever
read. Yet I hope I wouldn't have. It did leave me with a
bit of depression, seeing how many partings were made, and
times will never be the same. God I love that book.