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2002-02-27 05:19:56 (UTC)


Okay I'm fed up. I cant stand it here. I cant stand her,
I cant stand living with her. She is the most
unintellegent thing ever created and I want to throw her
out the window. Maybe this is just the lack of nicotine
talking. It just bothers me that every time I am on the
freakin phone and she is in the room she has to get on her
cell and call someone too and make so much noise with all
her yapping that I cant even hear myself think. I am
telling you she does it every time and it makes me crazy.
I just want her to fall of the face of the earth or
something. I am sorry lord, for I know these are evil
thoughts, but I cant help having them. I guess I should be
praying for strength to quit smoking and patience to deal
with my roommate. I dont know. I guess the fact that I
feel kinda crappy doesn't help the way I feel either, but I
dont have any say in that one. I guess I am really ready
for spring break. That is the only way I see it right
now. this happens every so often, I just cant stand her
and I need to get out, and it is that time again. I had
that feeling three weeks into school and now it is
something like five or six weeks in and its time again. I
am getting away for a night at least this weekend and then
again next weekend I am getting away, and then its time for
spring break. WOO HOO I finally get to hear what is
falling apart in me and what is working wrong and how I
need to do this and that and the other thing to fix myself
but at least my grades are fine
right? I dont know, I guess now isn't the Ideal time for
me to quit smoking but then what would be
I mean I cant keep putting it off because of stress and
bull shit like I have been doing. I guess I have to be
strong. eventhough I dont want to be. I think I'm going to
go cry now
night night

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