Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-02-27 05:10:50 (UTC)


*giggle* Seems spring has sprung a bit prematurely around
campus! Everyone's love lives have taken twists and gone
into overdrive! (And not mine, for I have no active love
life outside of my daydreams!)

Holly hooked back up with Damian, her high school
sweetheart, who lives in NJ. So now we have the king and
queen of the loonies once more, and I guess that means my
duties as high priestess are once more at hand! Gotta find
that box of holy hand grenades...

FINALLY Chief and Michelle are together (ERRRGH, THAT WAS
KIIIIIILLING ME!)!!!! I predicted this about a month and a
half ago and it finally happened PROVING that I am NEVER
wrong ^___^ He came up for the weekend, which is always
fun, but it was reassuring and warm-fuzzy inducing to see
them snuggling. I'm really happy that the two of them
happy! (After all, when ya have no love life of your own,
focus on someone else's... Besides, I couldn't think of two
other people I knew who deserved each other more!)

On the other end of the spectrum, my roommate Beth broke up
with her boyfriend of four months. She was feelin smothered
and that's not Beth's style. Rather than prolong the
inevitable and lead to more hurting on both sides, she did
the responsible thing and ended it. So we rejoiced and did
the 'happy I'm single' dance together. It was a good time

Not that I've got anything against romance, mind you (Aside
from the fact it enjoys shooting me over multiple
times...). It's just that recently someone I had no
romantic feeling for at all, but I considered a good
friend, misled and hurt me very badly... for about 3 days.
ALL!! Seriously, it's fun, you should try it.

Remembering that you've got a couple fiances don't hurt
either... (Hey, Joe, Seeeeeeeeexy! ^_~)

I've managed to do myself a large favor and got ahead with
the majority of my school work... everything aside from my
philosophy studying. I've got a test in about 13 hours and
I haven't cracked open the book (notebook I have). I
really, really, really hate philosophy. It makes me want to
hurl. And Jason was nice enough to burn me SIX Chrono
Trigger/Cross CDS (Wow, I really, REALLY owe him...)and I
wanna listen to them! And in about half an hour, my laundry
will be done and in need of folding...I wouldn't have done
it tonight, but I ran out of underwear this morning!!
Underwear is kind of essential, ya know?!

We got slammed with snow today, sometime between me going
to Founders to watch the sequel to Vampire Hunter D with
Jason, Jeremy and Michelle (And OOOOOO was it AWESOME *_*)
and my return to Bard two hours later. Had I more money on
my person, I'd have joined them for some Chinese food, but
I'm broke, and it's not fun. Ah well, there will always be
other times! Boozel cafeteria was having pierogies anyways
and this time I managed to attain some without having my
ass grabbed. (For those of you who weren't around last
year, one night when Boozel was serving pierogies, I was
getting my plate when some unnamed butt assailant swooped
down and grabbed my butt, then ran for the door at full
speed! It was the single most odd thing that's ever
happened to me!)

Hrm... well, I can't think of anything else to write about,
and I really should get to studying, so I think I'll end it
here. Studying bad, but necessary... Night all! Next time,
my entry will have more contingency, I promise!

Quote of the Entry:
Dug Fin (from DragonHalf): I don't care about story
contingency! I just need to defeat you!

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