daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-02-27 05:09:32 (UTC)

I Wish I Spoke Icelandic

I know I haven't written in over a fortnight (I love
that snooty word) but that's only because there's been
nothing to say. What I have to say now really isn't of
much importance since I've written it before, but for some
reason I want to reiterate it.

I hate my sister. Just because we swam in the same
gene pool and have been forced to share a residence for
eighteen years doesn't mean that I should have to lover her
or even like her. At this point I have no feelings
whatsoever about that insolent, immature, thief. I don't
know if I'd cry at her funeral if she were to die tomorrow.

Now that that is over, I want to write about something
that makes me happy. I have discovered the beauty that is
Sigur Ros. It's been a while (well, not a long while-I
mustn't forget my Beta Band) since I could listen to a band
and smile with wonder and just let my mind travel. I love
the string arangements and the fact that they use a bow on
the guitar to create some (for lack of a better term)
trippy melodies. It brings to mind my favorite guitarist,
Jimmy Page. The only bad part is that they don't use that
element enough. I wish I knew what the lyrics meant. For
all I know, they could be singing "Fuck you, stupid
Americans", but it sounds absolutely, sublimely beautiful.
If anyone actually reads my crap and likes Radiohead, The
Beta Band, Belle & Sebastian, etc. please look up Sigur

In other news, I heard from several people that Prince
Doofus is being transferred to another store. I'm not sure
how I feel about that. But I noticed something weird this
evening. He and I always seem to wear yellow on the same
day. Hrm.

I leave my thoughts not on yellow shirts but track 2
of Sigur Ros' album and as always, thank you for shopping
your twenty-four hour New Boston Wal-Mart.