Just a guy

Logic of the Insane
2002-02-27 05:03:18 (UTC)


Jessica told me about a dream that she has very often.
My friend, Edward and I think we have deciphered it.
However, now that I know of her dream, I have been having
it every night, each time, progressing further through it.
She is walking down the side walk, and I run up to her.
Then, I am transported to her dream. A void surrounds
(doesn't make sense does it?) us. Total darkness. The only
items visible are Q-tips. Giant Q-Tips. They line a
walkway, an invisible pathway. I can't actually see the
ground, but I know from the Q-Tip placement that it is
there. She is walking, kind of frightened, down the path. I
go towards her, but pass through her and continue onward
down the walk way.
At the end of the path, there is a big bowling ball-
looking thing. As of yet, I have yet to see this, but
Jessica says that it is there. My desired goal of "living
her dream" is to see the bowling ball thing and find out
what it is. In her dream, she is afraid of the bowling
ball. So I want to see if I can find out what it is.
However, I don't think that I will reach it soon.
This whole thing just compels me to find someone else, but
whenever I talk about, see a photo of, or am reminded of
Shelly, she becomes all I can think about. That other girl
is no longer a problem, don't ask. I haven't seen Shelly in
like 3 weeks. I miss her, and "X" has been going
through a you're my friend-Go away period. Even when she is
mad at me or doing homework and becoming frustrated, she
looks so beautiful. . .
I hate being a guy. Girls are always putting guys down
with the "All guys are insensitive pricks" comment. Don't
get me wrong, most are, but I am tired of having a pre-
judgement looming over me wherever I go. Why ladies? Why do
you feel it necessary to place a stereotype on all guys
when most of you hate it when guys stereotype you? I hate
that too, so I try not to do it. I'm sorry for asking that
question, it really is none of my business. I must go now,
hopefully I will write tomorrow. Till next time.