Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-05-04 23:48:23 (UTC)

...she is not scared to die, best things in life drive her to cry...

"Crusify the dead..."

I just got finished reading a diary from my old site...and
this one girl has had a horrible time with an eating
disorder and is comming to the end of her rope.....there
have been an amazing amount of notes supporting her and
letting her know that people care and want to be there for
her. She bought pills and is attempting to kill herself.
People obviously got scared and wanted her to stop....were
trying to talk her out of it...and do you know what she
said to that huge group of people that are almost worried
sick about her?

"Do not try to talk me out of it" is a line from a
particularly cold entry that was a response to her many
adoring fans.

I'm sorry but that made me extremely mad...

She's lucky she has so many people who are talking her out
of it...who are taking the time out of their lives to think
of something to say that may make her change her
mind....people who don't know her from Jack but would be
prepared to do all they could to help her.

One note was even a girl saying "Forget it...I can't help
you or anyone else."

I felt so bad for that girl.

So many people are suicidal and have literraly no one in
their lives that would want to talk them out of it and this
girl has soo many supportive people not only online but she
has a father and a mother (who, from previous entries, I
gather are trying to help her) AND a boyfriend and large
group of friends. Not to mention siblings.

When I was suicidal (and I've been suicidal from the moment
I knew the difference between life and death) as a kid I
had NO ONE to turn to....and there was a time that I had
almost choked myself to death. It was to the point that my
face had swelled and everything started to turn colors.

I was sooo close because I had no one.

And this girl has almost too many people.

Which further proves my point that some people get
everything and throw it it's nothing....and
others are in desperate need of what they turn away
from....and that has to be the most pathetic thing in the

How come people like this girl get so much of what someone
else needs and then be allowed to throw it all away.

It's not fair.