I Live My Life by the Moon
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2002-02-27 03:50:45 (UTC)


Today was the first day I taught at Stanley for Youth
Educators. I was excited at first because I get to miss so
much school, but once I got there, it was surprisingly a
lot of fun. Only one of my classes was bad: 5th period was
insane. They would not shut up. We were in Ms. Windfuhr's
(die Fuhrer!) room and she just yelled at the kids when
they were being loud. I mean, she had good intentions, but
she executed it very poorly. The kids were scared of her,
which is bad because if they don't want to talk, it
completely discredits the whole program.

My other classes were good. 2nd period was fine. I was
surprised because me and Miyuki shared the work, which I
wasn't expecting because she is usually pretty quiet. Me
and Gina got along great. I hadn't worked with her a lot in
practice, but it went well: we shared the work. She was my
5th period partner, and we talked to Bobby and Linda about
how bad 5th period was. They are going to talk to Ms.
Windfuhr and hopefully we are going to either a) get
another room or b) have Ms. Windfuhr leave and Bobby and/or
Linda will stay in there with us.

Anyway, I am getting so excited about prom! I didn't talk
to Jack and Broc today, but I have basically decided to
have "Movie-Night at Anne's House" after prom. Jack, Broc,
Briel and Justin (probably) are gonna come over and we're
gonna watch movies and hang out and (maybe) sleep. I have
to remember to get the boutineers for Jack and Broc, but
I'm getting a discount, so it won't cost that much.

I guess that's all. No Dave news (yeah!) Oh, wait! Taylor
saw me after school, and apparently Elisa can't keep her
mouth closed even if she tried. She told Taylor, and
probably other people, that I was trying to get on Evan
when I was over at his house bending the contract. ERGH! I
don't talk about this shit she tells me, but that's just a
bitch move. I'm not gonna bitch her out or anything, but I
am a little angry.

Now that's all for now...