Bad Kitty

Blood, and Sugar
2002-02-27 03:18:56 (UTC)

Food...who needs it?

I used to have a problem, you know. I couldn't be anorexic
so I did the loser's anorexia, bulemia. I stopped because
it was basically killing me, I could barely talk, and i
couldn't keep food down. Well okay, i've started to get in
shape somewhat, but it's not quite good enough (it never
is.) so I was at resturant, and I knew my dad would want me
to eat all of my food so I went to the bathroom, and got
rid of what I'd eaten. Then I ate the rest, no problem. BIG
problem, I thought "Why'd I ever stop doing this?" and for
a couple of days went back into bulemia. I stopped myself,
but everytime now if I eat to much I figure "just this
once, it won't hurt if I do it just this once." I try to
stop myself, but I have extremly weak will, it's not too
bad though. I mean I don't do it all the time, most days I
don't even do it at all. (Once every two weeks or so.)
That's not that bad. I probably won't ever do it again.
Once I get to college I know I won't, my friends won't let
Not that any of that matters, I want to, I don't know what
I want to do, my life is boring as hell, and I don't do
anything. My best friend Nikkie is coming home this
weekend! That's exciting! I was hoping she'd come home this
weekend. But she promised her mom not to make any plans
until they decide what they're doing so I dunno when or how
much I'll get to see her this weekend, I mean rightfully so
to ya know? Her mom goes and gets her, and she rarely gets
to see her because I'm always taking off with her, but
still it makes me sad. But hey Life's a bitch...
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