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2002-02-27 03:15:55 (UTC)

Just another day

Ok so i posted a message on my good friend James's bands
band guestbook. they are called JUST ANOTHER NAME.
anyways, their guitarist saw and starts iming me and
checking out my page (
and now he likes me n blah blah blah n wants to see me at
the show friday. and i'm all like...AHHHH ANOTHER
GUITARIST! his name is brian but dun worry, def. not
him.....ive got too many other boys to think about.

Anyways, not much more happened. I had pink eye last
weekend, big whoop. and Andrew are gonna
hangout NEXT weekend. Sean wants to hangout this weekend,
and I am going to NYC(limo and all) w/ marisa n some more
friends to see Cabaret on Saturday. I got her a CD burner
for her bday cuz she is the only person i kno w/o one.