A ShiTTy GaMe CaLL LiFe
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2002-02-27 03:10:37 (UTC)

Not my best day

tuesday 02.26.02

today is definitely a shitty day. my CAD teacher cut the
size of my house in half. i actually argued with him for
an hour saying that 2200 sq. ft. is no "dream house". i
waanted to show chris my real dream house drawing, not a
cut up ersion of it. that got me mad.

i think it's a sad thing when the place u get da most shiet
is ur own home. why must people put a happy family image
to da public, and inside the house, no one gets along with
anyone. i tell myself that when i move out and eventually
have my own family, that house will definitely be filled
with "true" happiness and smiles. maybe i'll just bake
brownies everyday....

he's having shitty dsys. so am i. nothing feels right
when he's not around. i hope i really do make him happy
when he' around me. sometimes i wish i can do more, but i
dunno how.

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