The meanderings of a mind
2001-05-04 22:59:40 (UTC)

The end!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am done. Officially a Sophomore...maybe....Oh well. I
completed all 6 of my hellish finals and I turned in yet
another pointless paper filled with nonesense. Now I will
be sitting on the edge of my seat until I get my grades.
This semester was indeed hell. It was kind of sad packing
all my stuff down from the 4th floor. Especially since I
had no help and it seemed my stuff got heavier and
multiplied over the two semesters. After the first trip my
arms were jello and it is even a pain to type. Now I have
to put up with my family for three months and then lug all
my crap back...oh joy. I have to do this for THREE more
years? Are you kidding me? I am gonna start taking
applications for a husband, or a "sugar daddy?"
RIIIGHT...Life is not that simple until you eat an ice cream
cone. Ice cream cones, they bring you back down
to earth and clear your head. I need an ice cream cone...