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2002-02-27 02:56:45 (UTC)

02/26/02 was a pretty good day...besides work and the
fact that my tab button isnt working again. i got a 29.5
(C) on my pin exam! yay! then in 3rd i decided that i wont
kill myself if only for the fact that i wouldnt want my
memory sullied by the fucking idiots i call peers. after ur
gone they all claim ur friendship but if that were the case
where were they when u needed them most? for (possible)
future reference: nicole, ryan, ryan, mary, craig, jessica,
virginia, joey, tiffany, laura d, laura t, brett,
elisha, rafael, nick, alex, shannon, adriana, angie,
joann, jonny...if i left u out (and it wasnt on purpose!)
tell sorry im sure. me and alex passed a note back
in forth in 5th...interesting...i ended up going to his
house after school. we watched half baked and made out. i
was 10 minutes late for work. joann didnt come in bc her
parents read her diary last night and now shes at the
runaway shelter. laura went home early bc she had a bad
day. well im cold and tired so g'night

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