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2001-05-04 21:44:47 (UTC)

Sick Day

Well, today I took a sick day off from school. It was
worth it because I was so tired and sleeping 'til twelve
today felt so good. I don't think I missed much seeing how
that it is Friday. So I woke up at twelve, and took out
Wayne's World. What an aweseomely amazing movie. One of
the few great Saturday Night Live movies. Some other
movies that made that list are Blues Brothers and Night at
the Roxbury. Some movies that didn't make that list are
Superstar, Stuart saves his Family and It's Pat. I also
played a bunch of games on my baseball season and get swept
by the Minnesota Twins. Then I swept the White Sox. Then
I took three out of four from the Rangers and then two out
of the three from the Athletics. So all in all, not a bad
day for baseball.
Tonight I am having my friend Andy over. I was planning on
going out, but since I didn't go to school my mom is making
me stay home tonight. I hate not going out on the
weekends, but my mom won't let me go out so I'm going to
make the best of it. I probably won't be writing tomorrow,
so I will tell you what I am going to do tomorrow night. I
am going to help my friend make a movie tomorrow night. I
am playing a Vietnamese Leader guy and something is going
to happen. I don't really know what the movie is about,
but it should be fun. I will tell you all about it on
I wish when I was little I played baseball. I want to
play, but I am bad because I never played when I was
little. That gets me mad, so I guess I won't be playing.
Well, that all I have to say for now. I will write on


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