Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-05-04 21:16:28 (UTC)

...don't ever judge me...

"fuck you, fuck this world, fuck everything that you stand
for..." much I love my Slipknot.

Who wants to see some fucked up shit? remember when I was pretty much attacked by my ex?
Well blah blah....he was supposed to apologize to me a
while ago....well...he gives this whole long apology to
Jenni* for having what he calls an "Opie Moment" or
something like that. He apologizes and apologizes for her
having to see him act insane.

Oh I'm sorry...but last time I checked I was the one who
walked out of that house crying not Jenni.

Oh yea and I was the one who was almost hit.


But I guess it all boils down to who matters most.

And it obviously isn't me.

So....if he calls I'm not picking up...if he emails me it's
gonna be ignored and he can't IM me cos I blocked him.
Because see....I would rather get no apology at all instead
of a forced one because his mom is gonna make him do it.

Ya know feelings never matter....and I normally
don't get apoligized to for anything and when I do it's
from people who don't mean it.

No one has ever said they were sorry for how I felt and
really meant it.

Maybe some people can sympathise but no ones ever really
been sorry.

Because they don't feel how badly depressed I can get.

Which might be why I take apologies so seriously.

Why do I write this anyway? Doesn't matter at all.

Oh I feel tonights gonna be a cutting night.