Visions Of Life
2002-02-27 01:20:25 (UTC)

The One Thing I Hate More Then Being Young..

The one thing I hate more then being young is being a
woman. And being a young woman is the worst curse of all.
Not only do people think I am stupid because I am young,
they think I am useless and weak because I am a woman. Rah!

Okay, I have a plumber here tonight. Although he is helping
me, he had to almost start off a conversation by
saying "when Im done Ill give you a chemical that needs to
be used once a month. Do you want me to give it to the guys
downstairs so they can pour it in the sink for you?" I know
he was being nice but my initial reaction was,Why dont i
just pour the fuckin chemical up your chauvanistic ass. Of
course I would never say that to a persons face, especially
someone who was helping me but I was pissed off. I can use
a fuckin chemical. Oh, and why do men grunt when the work?
Does labor give them a mini orgasm or do they need the
noice to make themselves feel more manly?

I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown last night
because of stress. I know things will work out in the end
but Im not sure how and at what cost..

What kind of freak keeps a large bucket in their home?? I
mean seriously.. Id keep a kiddie pool in my apartment but
thats for my own sexlympics.. Summer 2002.. *laughs* Can I
be team Canada?? lol

Well, I better quit writing and see if I can help the
bastard.. Tomorrow is a new day and one without sleep..

Work is boring. Life is hella stressful. I am happy and on
the verge of a nervous breakdown and in love.