Fire Star

My battle
2002-02-27 01:19:46 (UTC)

Beautiful day

Dear Diary,

Food log~ one cookie, a few pizza bites, a salad, a few
Yea, today wasn't a very good day. I was doing great, but i
went to my boyfriends house after school, so i had to have
him see me eat. I found a way to trick my mom so that she
thinks i eat at school. I can buy something and then give
it away to someone else (like cookies or something). That
way the money in my account lowers everyday and she wont be
so suspicious. I actully bought some cookies today with the
intent to eat them, and something very interesting
happened. The words "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"
started screaming in my head. Now, this always happens when
i eat anything, but usually i smell the food and then it
goes away and i give in. But today i did not. It just got
louder and louder and I eventually lost my appitite. I
threw the rest of the cookies away. I was so proud.

It was a Beautiful day today. About 65 degrees, perfect
weather! It's the best weather to be outside and take a
walk in. Nothing speacil really happened, school was
normal. I went to Dravens house after school, and that was
pretty fun. I love being around him, it makes me so happy.
I wish i could be with him all the time.