2002-02-27 01:19:13 (UTC)

The tragedy of a human

When I look at a person I first think of their body as a
piece of art. I have seen some of the most beautiful
people. But thinking about people in such a sense has led
to disaster, because once I begin to talk to them its like
the beautiful image has been covered in a vat of acid that
makes things decay very slowly. And I have yet to meet a
person who this does not happen with. But one must keep in
mind I am not saying I think of everyone as a piece of art
or really even consider it being so, nor that I talk to
everyone I think to be such. One must note that I am
thinking about females, not that I have anything against
being gay or such, its just I havent found a male body that
I find particularly attractive. Also a noteworthy point is
that I have found females who have an attractive mind but a
body I could just never consider as art. I do not say that
in a demeaning sense, because to popular standards some of
them have been very attractive, they just haven't come to
my mind in such a way.

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