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2002-02-27 01:00:04 (UTC)

I wont let you fall apart...

Well contrary to the meaning of the title, my entry, as
usual, is probably going to end up directed to why
individualism is the best. Actually I intend to just write
my thoughts about the ideal individual and their relation
with people. An individual should not ignore every person.
Greed and hostility have no place in individualism, but
neither does the focus upon the well being of others. I
think that if I saw a person drowning and I would not be
risking my person to an irreversable point I would go and
save them, but I think this mainly because there is the
chance that the person would be a real person( By real
person I mean a person striving for individuality, alike
myself ). But an individual must not lose ones self in the
saving of other people. Then there comes the issue of
drawing a line at which point one will not cross.
Personally I think I would draw it at the point of life
risking, or the risking of abilities.