Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-02-27 00:56:45 (UTC)

Videos, Simulation, 14 Year Old Girls & Cheese.

Are four subjects that appear, in no way linked, in today's
entry! (Taking a leaf out of someone's book here, haha!)

Firstly the video. I was most surprised, and I have to say
pleased to see the video I had ordered ('Wilkommen Am
Deister' - yeah! you know it? No. No you don't) arrive this
morning. It fell onto me in a brown cardboard envelope. I
opened it immediately, thinking it might be porn, but was
ecstatic to see it not be.

Its a collection of vids to represent an album, on a record
label (TN) that I love.

This done, I set about my day. I need a new wallpaper.
My 'Parklife' one grew weary on me, and I don't want a From
Hell one, because Heather's not looking her best. So I go
hunting for one. I find a 3d wallpaper site, and have
chosen a wonderful woodland spring morning. Except its not
real. Its a simulated woodland, by virtue of a computer.

Kinda ruins it a bit.

Erm, I don't know if I mentioned this last week when it
first cropped up, but it seems (somehow) that for a man
choosing a mate, the person he finds the most attractive is
the equivalent of a 14-year-old girl. While I wouldn't say
no to a 14 y/o - Who would, (law permitting) gents? She
wouldn't be my ideal partner would be more likely somebody
who has gone into children's entertainment. Possibly.
Someone who has bundles of fun, and has to be kind-hearted
for their job.

As long as they're not grossly deformed, or have A.N.Other
fault, that I can't/won't list, I don't mind. I find
many/most 14 y/o's repulsive, the spotty, sweaty, loud-
mouth bints.

And I bought cheese, for the first time EVER IN MY LIFE!
Some called it a master stroke. I called it cheddar. Boom

I'm getting tired and restless now, and I've got an e-mail
to send. And some girls netball to watch. (Well, one of
those two.

Who am I gonna e-mail?)

Enough weak jokes.

Until tomorrow.

WILT? King Of Woolworth's - Bakerloo (Off KoW's album Ming
Star. Its awesome. Album of the year so far. I've not got
Jewel's yet, though.