Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-27 00:20:38 (UTC)

SUBWAY, Eat Fresh ... my new life style

Yep, I a now an official "Sandwich Artist," heh. I
picked up my uniform, very un cool by the way. I start
tomorrow, 3:30 to 9:30. Ouch. I'm going to be one tired
puppy. *Whimpers* And I need my sleep...
Well, Racer X posted Vuillemen's side of
the "altercation" at Atlanta. Very interesting to hear his
side. Heh. 'Aggressive riding' just makes things all the
more exciting. And that is just racing... Aw, I wish I
could have been there. Plane tickets were just to freaking
expensive! Grrrrr...
School, was bland. I still have no idea what classes I
wanna take next year. I have all my Science, Math,
English, and History credit already. But I guess, I will
take British Lit. and Algebra 4... Maybe... I don't know.
I hope I can have 2 partials. That'd be nice... Humm
*ponders her bleak future* ...
Now my parents are saying we might not move to Northern
Maine, so I don't know where the crap I'm going to go for
college. I'm thinking, SoCal, Arizona, New Mexico ...
maybe... *shrugs* I'm clueless, heh. Its great
sometimes ... duh duh duh
I really need to take my nail polish off, how trivial...
But I really do, its looks really bad.
Oh! Cute guy! Lets see at the little mini food court
I'm going to be working out, wow *dies* ... Its to bad I'm
not that big of a flirt. But I was referred to as the "new
hot girl for Subway"... humm, good thing? I'm thinking
Ok, Eric, this guy at my school that looks like
Carmichael, died the tips of his hair red... It looks
really cool, and only he coudl pull that off. heh.
Ok, I'm boring, I know, and thank God for motorcycle or
else my life would completely suck...