Rockin' in the Free World
2002-02-27 00:18:57 (UTC)

Lazy Day

Well, right now it is 4:04pm and I am waiting around for
the clock to strike 6:45pm which is when I have to go to
math class. Most of the time I spend here is just spent
sitting in my dorm room, waiting to go to class. I
skipped my theatre class this morning because Buddy
wanted to stay up last night and get blazed. I think this
is cool because he hasn't gotten wasted with me for
awhile. Last semester we would get blazzed everyday...
everyday. Even during finals... "Hey Buddy, when is your
next final/class?"... Buddy:"Later this afternoon"... "Lets
smoke!". That was pretty much the conversation all the
time. I guess it is good that he doesnt get wasted with
me all the time, because that means that I dont get
wasted as often, because I dont like doing it alone...
cause then I would just be sitting around, stoned,
alone, watching TV. Its way more fun when there are
other wasted people around to chill with.

Wow, the suite that I live in always wreaks nowadays.
Wreaks of Ganja in flower season. I cant wait until a
month and a half from now when harvest time comes
around. Eh, I really dont do it that much... I may smoke,
but I still got my ish together. I get my work done. So its
all good.

So now I will just continue laying around for another 2.5
hours or so. Check ya later.

P.S. Sorry I dont update this much... I will try harder =)

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