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2002-02-26 23:51:26 (UTC)

I am the brain child of a media driven society, titillate me.

Everything is getting quite dull. The TV is mind numbing. I
find myself getting the same entertainment from watching
Pokemon as I do from Friends, only real exception is the
Simpsons, which actually amuses me to an extent. The nice
thing about watching shows for little kids is you don't
have to think. Its all right there for you. They tell you
what is bad, what is good, what is acceptable, what isn't.
And this leads into my point. Our society is shit. The fact
that we allow the dictation of morals is ridiculous. If a
person cannot decide what they feel is acceptable without
taking into account what other people would think of them
then they already are unable to sustain themself, so we
should dispose of them. Eh, and there are plenty of ways of
disposing of people, I'll get into that later when I'm in a
more twisted and bitter mood. I'm still trying to decide
whether I think that this is a natural thing, being unable
to make decisions for ones' self, or if it is a societal
And now I shall get to books. Books, now these are
things of near pure genius. Why, one may ask, do I think
that books are different then TV? They do the same thing,
impose ideas of someone on other people. But there are two
points, one lies in that statement. Someone, writes a book,
not some people generating a script then dumbing down their
ideas. I have nothing against people spreading their ideas.
It is just that they change their idea to fit into society
and to sell. I'm sure that some people are saying that
there are some shows that are done entirely by one person.
But, is that show done in it's entirety according to the
will of the creator? Is the author being influenced by the
reaction of the people? A show like that would never last.
Everything ends up being a compromise in the end.

And a bit off topic, but it poped to my mind in the
last three words of my last paragraph. I am really tired of
pop bands exploiting phrases and clicheing them. My
reference, of course, was refering to "in the end" by
Linkin Park(A shitty band if I may say so myself). My
reason for thinking that they are so bad is that their
music is so tweaked and smoothed over that if you were ever
to see what they would write alone without the help of a
sound engineer or anyone else that has aided in their
songwriting process, you wouldn't be able to recognize it.

But, I'm sure everyone has heard enough about my excessive
rants against anything that doesnt represent individualism.


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