Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-02-26 23:46:42 (UTC)

What If......

What if everytime you fell in love you had to say goodbye??

i have, i cope ....

What if everytime you needed someone they were never there??

they aren't, i deal....

What if your best friend died tommorow and you never got to
tell them how much they mean to you??

i'd hate myself, i'd die.....

What if you loved someone more than anything and you couldn't
ever have them??

i do, i can't......

What if you hate me for everything I am, even if you don't
know me well enough to judge me??

you don't know half as much as you think you know....

What if you ignored me wihout giving me a reason, and then
laughed at my unfortunate ignorance??

What if everytime you laughed another part of my being is
ripped apart??

What if I did you a favor and ripped it apart myself??

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