Zone of Misfortune
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2002-02-26 23:39:14 (UTC)

Boredom strikes

Bored as hell, so I'm gonna write some stuff...i find it
harder to do this as time goes on...there just doesn't
seem to be any free time to do this anymore...

Well, dirty things first, i lasted 23 days, not "shafting
the monkey" ...explanation? I lost interest in my self
control and gained interest in something else...

But yeah, been busy doing stupid school stuff, like
tonight i need to memorize a monologue or whatever for
theater, which i'm not looking forward to. 1. it's kinda
long and i have to "act" and 2. tavella really pissed me
off today with her stupid comments and contradictory

cause see, where talking about some poem, which as i
understand it, is supposed to be open to interpretation, i
thought that's what one of the ways of appreaciating it
was, to interpret it in some way that makes sense. So
some of the class, not me, i have no clue what the poem
means, explain what it meant to them, and she plainly
says "wrong" or "no"...later then saying "there is no
right or wrong" WHAT THE FUCK MOTHER CUNT SHIT! oh yeah,
and she gave us a quiz that i can guarantee everyone

ANYWAY, to the still unnamed band, weaver and ourselves
have put together a song with music and lyrics, we also
decided to cover "sweet child o mine." we're only
covering one song cause that's the way weaver wants it...
that's coo with me...

I also have music for a second song, which we will
probably do tomorow at rehersal. let's see...

nothing else really...i'm buying mcguire's fender amp...
and i bought a volume pedal for the guitar... it's
loooking pretty good...we'lll probably play at the physics

my damn sister spilled something on this keyboard so the
enter button sticks and i can't use is PISSING ME