The Sexy Blonde
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2002-02-26 23:28:09 (UTC)

Sex & School

This last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Jose and
I had sex every day. Sunday was great, though. Why? well
because knowbody was home at his house. So we had the house
to our selves.

Today I went to our school hospital with my friend Aleah.
She has to go get a pregnancy test. She thinks shes
pregnant. I know I am not. But I missed my whole sixth
period class. So they are going to count it as me skipping.
But anyway I got into my seventh period and I wrote a note
to this girl sitting on the other side of my algebra class,
telling her that when she wasn't paying attention some boys
went through her back pack and took all her pens and
markers and stuff. SO she went over there, that little back-
stabbing bitch, and told them that I said they took her
stuff, and she automatically started pointing fingers.

I ate lunch with Aleah today, some rice, meat&beans,
and fritos with some milk. Lunch was nasty.
My mom and brother aren't talking to me right now.
There all pretty much mad at me.

This last weekend my mom put a screen door on the back
door. I love Jose. He is my love. I wish we could live
together right now. I love him.

Love, Jessica