Real Life
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2002-02-26 23:19:10 (UTC)

"Lazy Day" Feb 26, 2002

Today has been a good day. I made a complete dumb butt out
of myself during lunch, I was sooo tired and i'm kind of
the dingy one of the group so I didn't know what they were
talking about half the time. And I went off on the wrong
subject like saying how good Olive Garden is.(LOL) Anyways,
I saw Fufu like the last of sixth hour and I wanted to go
talk to him but the teacher wouldn't let me. And we hardly
see eachother at all. Oh well maybe next time I see him the
teacher will be a little nicer. Oh and I sent a letter to
Chris how I feel about him and it was majorly deep stuff. I
can't believe myself that I sent that to him at all. Thanx
to Michael I actually got it done and for Brandon's
comment. I really hope he doesn't react in a bad way but in
a calm way. Maybe he will be speechless maybe he will think
I am sooo dumb for doing that. But, if he doesn't wanna
accept it I really think I won't be as bad off because it
would be his loss! At least I got all my bottled up
emotions out there. And today I feel a relief that I did
that. I'm really relaxed today and I feel like the sandman
beat me up. But, that's ok with me because I really need
this relaxing stage after that deep thought to Chris. Well,
I have made alot of friends lately it's really cool and
all. Like all these guy's from Logan and Ogden I met
they're always there to help me it's great they're all like
older brothers to me and that's always a plus. Well I think
i'm going to go chill for a while I while catch up with
this later tonight.
Peace Out/manda
later on: Well, so far so bad Chris hasn't read his email I sent him
I think and he's to busy to talk. Maybe that was a bad idea I think
i'll give it oh about a life time before I talk to him again. Well, I
really feel dumb and emotional right now which isn't the best feeling
in the world. Being emotional sucks really bad especially if you like
someone alot and don't know what to do half of the time! Well, I
guess this is the end of what I have to say so tommorow i'll catch up
with everything!
Peace Out/Manda