a little piece of me
2002-02-26 22:20:44 (UTC)

test, shrink, and design

this morning i had my ornithology lab test. i sorta blew
off studying for it. (sort of? hehe, i studied for about
five minutes before the test started). anyway, it was a
breeze. i flew through that bad boy. helps having lots of
little birdies around. lol.

went to see the shrink lady today. i have to go back
friday. kinda for a checkup thing. she said i should
increase my dosage, but to call the doc first. mom called
me, and she said she'd take care of calling the doc. she's
also going to find out when i have to have more heart tests
done. the doc did a couple blood tests while i was in.
he's trying to rule out everything else before jumping in
to an expensive ekg. i told my mom not to bother. without
insurance, the costs will be astronomical. it's not that
important. like the doc says, it's usually nothing. so
i'm not concerned. anyway, the shrink (anne) wants me to
also join group therapy. i have a hard enough time talking
one on one. no way in hell am i going to group.
absolutely not.

trudged through the snow drifts to my design class from
there. i love this whole clay thing. my boot is coming
along nicely. it's monstrous! the folds i added today
actually look like folds. i surprised myself. it's not
perfect, but for being my first real clay project, it's not
so bad. i find myself saying that a lot lately...either
i'm actually getting better, or i'm lowering my standards
lol. i don't know, but i'm having so much fun doing it.
the three hours just flew by today. i think i'll head back
over in a little while to work on it some more. i have to
do my metals assignment sometime tonight. i'll work on
that later.

got another lovely email from lester today. i think he's
partly to blame for my new enthusiasm for the arts. he's
shared a lot of his own with me, and it's just so
inspiring. i envy his style, though. i'm so uptight, and
precise (not sure if that's the proper word (anal is better
lol). i'm very detail oriented. i guess i'm a bit of a
perfectionist, too. i wish i could relax and be free with
my art. ah well. guess i just have to do things my own
way. oh, thanks so much to those of you who left me some
suggestions. all very great ideas :) much appreciated.

well, i've got some research to do, so i spose i should do
it. take care all.