Pure Belligerence
2001-05-04 19:15:20 (UTC)

*No party pour moi*

Hmm, today it was soooo hot out, its still 96 degrees. In
bio, we went to the library to do reasearch on our type of
invertabrate so me and alicia went on the computers and
downloaded aim and talked to eachother all period, it was
fun. All our classes were short today because we had a pep
rally at the end of the day. It was ok, not the best, but
it gets us out of class. Im going over my dads house in an
hour and 15 minutes because tomorrow i have to get up early
for her communion and im soooo mad, i have to miss my
friends party! Its gonna be the best one so far of the
year. The things i [unwillingly] do for my family.