Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
2001-05-04 18:11:53 (UTC)

Schools a bore!

I am so excited! I passed Algebra! I could have swore
that I would fail but no!!! I got a c-!! YES! I know that
seems really bad but I am a horrible math just
doesn't come to me that easily!
Last night Wes had his first softball
game...unfortunately I didn't get to go and watch it. I
feel really bad and him talking about it makes me feel
worse. He said he did really good and it was okay that I
couldn't make it but still, I am his girl and that was his
first game and all...but...he really didn't mind that much
so that was cool.
Karen, the girl I was talking about last time is
coming over to spend the night tonight. I am so
excited...we will probably get so bored, but still, Karen
is so nice and all....I dunno...I am not used to having
someone actually listen to me anymore...other that Wes that
is. When Kristy and I were close I didn't really feel all
that comfortable telling her everything.
TO Jen-- HI!!!!!!!!! :) Hahahahaha...i feel like
such a goof today...I am on a major sleep difincency today.
I am so tired that I am just acting like a dork! WHOO WHOO!
Okay well chow-