down in my eyes
2002-02-26 18:26:02 (UTC)

My dad.

I am not your slave. I am not yours to throw around and
abandon. I am not your device to pick up your mess, nor
your guinea pig to experiment with. Clean up your own
things you screw over. I pity those who cling to you.
those who look past your being, and only see your title.
On paper you're perfect. In person, you're worse than
anyone. You look at me to rely on.. and finish that
which you are too selfish to put on yourself. your own
responsibilities. You look at me as your maiden, whom
you have forsaken, but you deny, and yet you expect
comfort and love in return.
I look at you and see a two faced liar, living to kill
the esteem of others. How can you expect me to care for
you when you're older? You're blind. I was once
blinded by your sight. You will never see properly.
You don't own me. I am not your puppet. I am not your
property. Don't tell me what not to do.

This mornin, he was yelling at me.
I quote him of one, directly:

"It's because of people like you, why I don't want to be a
parent again."

AGAIN?!? GOOD. You're too freaken OLD!!!
You damn stupid ass, fag.