Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-02-26 18:16:42 (UTC)

Today's My Dad's Birthday

Yesterday was a really shitty day at work, because
once again, Lauren gave me a last minute project 10 minutes
before my lunch that HAD to be done before I left. She's
been doing that more and more. Ryan only gets 1 hour, and
he has to take it between 12:00 and 1:00 every day, so if
I'm late, he has to wait, and we both lose time for lunch.
I didn't get out until 12:25 yesterday, so I got a half
hour lunch. When I left, Lauren was in a meeting with
Adrienne. When I came back, she was still in there, and
America informed me that she had been there the whole time.
That means she didn't really need it right then. I was so
pissed off. Ryan and I both missed half of our lunch
because she was so inconsiderate of my time for no good
reason. I think she just has issues with being in control.
Of her employees, her advertisers, and time itself.
After work, Ry and I went to go see Spencer at my
parent's house. He's so cute!!! He's 10 months old, and he
can stand up very well, but when he tries to walk, he falls
over and crawls instead. I have a feeling it won't be long
though. When we got home, I baked my dad's birthday cake.
Although we did everything right, one of the layers was
irreparably lopsided. It was like an inch below the pan
edge on one side, and an inch above it on the other side.
It looked ridiculous. Somehow, I managed to make it look
presentable by making it the top layer and putting a little
more frosting both under and over the skinny side. Some
pieces will just have a lot of frosting. It's half german
chocolate cake and half just chocolate cake. I tried...
So today we're going to get my contacts after work,
and then we'll go get the cake and go to my parent's house
for a little birthday celebration. My aunt will be there.
And we get to see Spencer again! Actually we'll be seeing
Spencer on Thursday too, when we babysit while my mom's at
some church thing. This is a busy week. Tomorrow's my
counseling appointment, and we may or may not drive up to
Yucaipa to get ise-a-ma-cream. If we don't do it tomorrow,
we'll do it Friday night or Saturday during the day. I play
this Saturday night at the bookstore, and my brothers and
my mom will probably show up. Ryan's mom is coming too. I'm
not sure if all my cool coworkers are still going, but I
don't really care either way. It doesn't really matter to