Like a book
2001-05-04 16:20:36 (UTC)

Striped socks


Today was the 6th formers last day, subsequently the
teachers were challenged to netball match against the 6th
form. It was so funny, watching them atempt to play netball
against the 17-18 year olds (all of whom were wearing
brightly coloured wigs and striped socks/fish net tights)
but it was also weird, I'd hate for it to be my last day,
the sense that when tomorrow comes you'll no longer belong,
the way we all crowded around the court it was like that
whole tribe thing, ah well, nevermind.

**Beautiful stranger**

Also today we had one of our synchronised events, it
involved us all breaking out in to song at 9:40, it was
funny, especially as Mr. Shirley didn't really understand.

**I start kickboxing today, hooray!**