One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
2001-05-04 15:59:56 (UTC)

Chris is an ass

Well, yesterday was interesting...It was pretty normal
until school got out..i was waiting for Mike to come over
after he got out of school, and he came for a little while
becuz he could only stay for 1/2 hour becuz he had to
work....but anyways....when he was going downstairs to
leave....Chris and his little gang drove by and called me a
hoe......I HATE THEM....they all know me and mike were
going out....we arent anymore..but i keep telling them we
never were going out......My ex chris is in a gang called 5N
(5Nations)....They think they are all bad becuz they have a
gang....but whatever...they drove by and called me a hoe
and then they realized mike was here and turned
around...mike went upstairs becuz there was like 6 of them
and mike was by hiself.....So i went down to meet them and
they wanted to "talk" to mike....which i knew what that i said he was coming right down and said i was
going to get him....well, when i went upstairs i called a
bunch of people and like 5 mintues later 5 car loads of
people showed up including my sisters and their
boyfriends...they all scared the queer 5nations
they were leaving chris looked at mike and said "I'll get
you mike, dont you worry about it"....hes such an
asshole....god, i hate him, hes so fucking jealous....and
it pisses me off becuz i loved that kid so much, and he
totally disrespected my whole family who loved him alot too
(by coming to my house and wanting to fight).....I dunno..

My throat hurts becuz today i was throwing up and it was
the most violent puking i have done in a looooong
was hurts when i swallow!!!!!! I lost 2 more
pounds this week...YESSSSS
Thanks Jess for the entry to me...Be careful....luv ya
Hate always,