A Guy Heading to Sexual Oblivion

My sexual travels...
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2001-05-04 15:36:45 (UTC)


After picking her up we had the usual conversation...
wrapped around the usual fear that she or I might be a cop.

To prove that we are not officers the customary procedure
is to show something. I usually am asked to pull out my
cock and she girl shows me her breasts.

After that, we discuss money. If they are attractive, the
rate is higher than if they look like shit. I have talked
to ugly women that would suck my cock for $5.

Can you imagine... yuk

Sheila is beautiful. To this date, of the 30-40 women I
have made love to, and the other 100-150 sexual encounters
I have had with hookers and other women, she is the most
beautiful I have ever been with.

Complete hard body.. a thoroughbred.

We decided not to worry about the money issue. I wanted her
badly and I did not care the cost (I think I gave her $100

We went to my office. It was after hours and I knew that no
one would be there. We stopped on the way and she went in
and purchased some rubbers (ironic but that was one of the
only times I have ever used them).

From there we went just across the street to my building
and into the office.

I sat down at my desk but she complained about the blinds
being open and people being able to see so I closed them.

She had just started this line of work and was still a
little shy.

After the blinds were shut, I sat back down behind my desk
and she began to strip. She was wearing no panties or bra..
so striping basically meant she took off her dress.

I about died.

She was small, hard, trimmed... beautiful. I was hard as a
rock as she came over and swallowed my dick...

She dropped to her knees and gave me some of the best head
of my life... then


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