A Guy Heading to Sexual Oblivion

My sexual travels...
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2001-05-04 15:17:57 (UTC)


For the past 5 years I have been married to a wonderful
woman. I am near 40 and she is 26 and beautiful. Her name
is "lynn".

When I dated Lynn she was a nympho... we fucked for the
first two years of our dating like rabbits... always in the

She is a beautiful blonde who is very shapely. She was 19
when I met her. She loved to come over, fuck me, and go
raving all night.

The last year of our dating life though today though, the
need for sex has dropped off. She would be content if we
were together only once every month or so.

It's funny... she and I both enjoy sex more now I think. I
know I enjoy it more now. I believe she does to.

Anyways, since her drive or desire or need has dropped off
so much, I have looked to other sources of sexual
satisfaction and I have done it all...

Porn movies
Internet porn
masturbation ( a ton)
phone sex
cyber sex

Each of these vents have become addictive in their own way.

Anyhow, hookers have been the item that I have had the most
shame about.

It started within the first year of marriage. I would drive
the streets of my hometown looking for something exciting,
anything exciting.. to give me a "high".

I would search for hours sometimes, driving the same
streets over and over looking for women who would get into
my car, park with me and suck me cock or fuck me.

I would pay $20-$60 for this service.

Over the past 4 years I have done this on average of 102
times per month... although I have been down there looking
for women probably 2-3 times per week. Many times I would
just leave without doing anything.

I really need to meet women I am attracted to... that I

One of the girls I have met was Shiela. What can I say...
the first time I saw her, I got hard immediatey. She was
blonde, 5'5", 100 lbs at the most and wore this light,
flimsy dress. Her legs were awsome. When I saw her my first
thought was that there was no way she was a hooker.... just
a beautiful girl.

I stopped my car a little ways up from where I saw her, and
to my HUGE surprise she approached it and slid right in.

Now here I was with one of the most beautiful women I had
seen and she was in my car...and I knew I could have
anything I wanted.