heaven's tearz
2002-02-26 15:33:03 (UTC)

love and life

sometimes we do things we just dont understand. to love
enough and just lose it all. what is there to understand
when it comes down to him.

i have been dating a guy name demetrio. i dont know if i
wrote about him in the last entry but i havent wrote much
lately. he is a handful. i stress alot about him but i
adore him so much. he makes me laugh when i am down but we
argue so much i dont understand what this relatiosnhip
would be based on. the bickering and the yelling seems to
be redundant and it feels like it will never stop.

i think i stress because he has recently lost his job and
he dont seem to want to find another and i dont want to
stay w. no guy who does not want to have a job. i would
understand if he was going to school but he isnt. he isnt
doing anything now not even his laundry. i dont know what
to think about it all. i feel like giving up and moving on
without him because i try so hard to motivate him in doing
things but as it seem, he does not want to help himself.