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2002-02-26 14:09:38 (UTC)

today is le tigre and the..

today is le tigre and the butchies.
i had a horrible dream last night. two of them.
i woke up crying both times.
i am up early this morning.
but i feel rested.
i went to bed soon after i got home from the waffle house
last night. i got my paper done. but, i felt so sick.
sleep helped though and right now i feel pretty good.
i just got done typing it all up.
i hope that its okay. i really do. i spent a FUCK of a lot
of time on it yesturday and i want to make my cool teacher
im so exicted about the show today.
its really nice having everything upstairs clean...i think
im actually for real going to keep it like this from now on.
ive been doing well the last couple days on not making TOO
big of a mess.
it just gets hard with my schedule. always coming and
going. more going than coming. but...its getting easier.
and im being good.
im really hungry. i havent been eaten recently like i should
and i know it
im just so lazy.
my girlfriend is the cutest girl in the whole big wide
she came to see me yesturday surprising me and i was so
she came ALL the way here and it was to do homework.
nothing fun and exciting.
and thats so great. shes amazing. i love her so much.
things are so fucking nice.


food time.

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