No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-02-26 13:56:06 (UTC)

i never thought i'd say this

i never thought i'd say that missing school sucks. it does.
i'm home throwing up, how fun! I could be hanging out with
my friends or learning (ick, learning). I'm going to have a
lot of work to make up. I missed first and second period
yesterday due to AFI. Which is where this all happened. My
mom thinks I got de-hydrated. Yeah, like i'm going to try
to chocke food or drinks down right now. I'm carrying a
freaking bucket around with me in case i cant make it to
the bathroom to throw up quick enough. I had every
intention of going to school today, I really did. I woke up
with stomach cramps and took a shower. When i couldnt stand
in the shower long enough to rinse the conditioner out of
my hair (it took like 5 mins to get to that point) I
realized i wasn't going to school. Well, I love all of you
guys. have fun! or something.
"Life is a lesson, you'll learn it when you're through"
~Limp Bizkit
today wasn't all that bad. Around 12 I started feeling a little
better, but my stomach still hurts. I played internet pool and
battledome things with my friend Tom from Pennsylvania. It was
actually fun.