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2002-02-26 13:38:21 (UTC)

What s the Time now?: 11.49AM..

What's the Time now?: 11.49AM sunday
About you:
1. Full name:
2. Nickname(s): Carrot, Lil
3. Sex: Female
4. Age: not young enough to listen to peter coomb nor
old enough to drink
5. Eyes: brown but like my dads turning to green
6. Hair: dark brown, always dark brown
7. Height: five foot something
8. Birthday: 9th of november
9. Sign: Scorpio
10. Occupation: wannabee- yeah im a full time aspiring
11. Nationality: Austrilasian
12. Where do you live?:
13. Righty or lefty: righty all the way. my left hands weak
14. Siblings:

15. Boxers or briefs: whatevers easiest to take off- nah
sorry been reading to many romance novels. boxers
deffinately especially if they're STYLISH boxers
16. Long or short hair: medium length or long, or any
17. Tall or short: any height. im really not fussed what
they look like aslong as they're possesive
18. Six pack or muscular arms: id rather they werent
muscular but if id have to pick id say ORLANDO
19. Good or bad guy: good around me- and around my
friends but otherwise abit of a geek would suit me fine.
20. Indoor guy or Party guy (Usually): neither- i want
someone who likes different surroundings- aslong as
hes home when i call him
21. Hat or no hat: no hat by preference but if there is a
hat a wide brimmed floppy one i can good naturedly
joke to him about
22. Ears pierced or not: nope nuh-uh no way yuck :P-
eyebrow though....
23. Tan or fair: natural- whatevers natural to him
24. Freckles or none: yeah- what the hey throw
everything in
25. Stubble or neatly shaved: never neat- neat aint
26. Rugged or sporty: dont mind aslong as hell try new
27. Studly or cutie: can be hell cutie round me but
generally friendly and guy like
28. Accent or not: depends whether or not someone
other then billy boyd could pull of that beautiful accent...

29. Board shorts or bikini bathers:
30. Painted nails or not:
31. Bra or sports bra:
32. 'Cute 'n mysterious' or 'wild 'n sexy':
33. Dressy or casual:
34. Dark or blonde:
35. Long or short hair:
36. Dark or light eyes:
37. Long or short nails:
38. Hat or no hat:
39. Good or bad girl:
40. Fat or slim:
41. Hair up or down:
42. Jewelry or none:
43. Tall or short:
44. Curly or straight hair:
45. Pants or skirt:
46. Tan or fair:
47. Freckles or none:
48. Indoor chick or Party chick (Usually):
49. Accent or not:
50. Shy or outgoing:

51. Choc-Milk or White Milk: i dont mind aslongs as its
52. Coke or Pepsi (Coke/Pepsi Products): i dont mind
aslong as its cold
53. Root beer or Dr. Pepper: i dont mind aslong as its
54. Mud or jelly wrestling: cant say i can give an honest
opinion right now
55. Sunshine or Rain: i dont really know what rains like
but it tends to enhance everything so i dunno
56. Vanilla or chocolate: vanilla- it doesnt have that
bittersweet aftertaste
57. Skiing or Snowboarding: ill convert this to
something i can relate to- skateboarding over blading. i
like to keep my legs together when im on something....
no pun intended
58. Day or night: nights more intimate and days well
beachy- i dunno i dont see how you can have a
59. Summer or winter: summer though there are really
only two seasons in perth, summer and the rest of the
60. Cake or pie: whatevers messier- eating is so much
better if you can make some mess eating it
61. Love or lust: friendship. loves to strong and lust
doesnt count for shit
62. Gold or silver: silver, golds to heavy in a not literal
63. Diamond or pearl: diamond just for the sake of
being a conformist. in cleopatras time pearls were
increadibly valuable and once, to assert herself, she
ate one. aparently she was the most incredibly
annoying woman
64. Have you ever gone skinny dipping: depends whos
asking, no point lieing to someone who was there...
65. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: nah i cant sleep
with them they always end up on the floor. i always
used to put all of my toys like lego and toy trains aswell
as teddy bears and stuff on my bed and pretend i was
on noahs ark
66. Have you ever broke/sprained/fractured a bone:
yeah, ive broken all my toes at least once, a finger and
did something odd to the growth disk in my left wrist.
67. Worst Injury?: a cut on my wrist
68. Have you Blacked out before?: yeah im not going to
elaborate though- im no proud of being a brat
69. Do you have any piercings: nope but i bet it wont
stay that way
70. Do you sing in the shower: yeah but normally i sing
choir songs. it helps me learn them.
71. Experienced love at first sight: yes (hehehehehehe)
72. Who do you dream about: interesting people and
bible stories. never together.
73. Who are your friends (Leave blank if you have
None): anyone who tolerates me for longer then a
period is a friend so techincally sophie you are my
74. Who's the loudest: mad
75. Who's the quietest: flic
76. Who's the biggest bastard: simon- hes the only
bastard i know.
77. Who do you tell your dreams to: anyone who i feel
like blabbing to
78. What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?: go
grinspoon- tjhey all got sick on the big day out tour. one
got heat stroke the other got alchahol poisoning and
the third member got chicken pox. chicken pox when
your in your 20's is really nasty
79. What/Who are you most afraid of?: being burried
alive and being left in comand indefinately
80. Scariest movie: sleepers- i saw it when i was little
and lord *shudder*
81. How many rings before you answer the phone?: i
dunno- why dont you tell me next time you ring?
82. Spit or Swallow?: if i didnt swallow id be dead...
think about that one
83. Sofa or bed?: depends, that red sofa is damn fine
for all sorts of things but my bed has thast great,
wonderful, fantastic window
84. Home and Away or Neighbours?: yeah im gonna
side with flic and not answer that one
85. Good or Evil?: what the fuck does this question
mean? whats my favorite good or evil? what a STUPID
FUCKED UP question... honestly
86. Sega or Nintendo?: Nintendo
87. Pokemon or Digimon?: DIGIMON i so want a
digimon- preferably a gomamon and be cousins with
matt and tk and be best friends with sora. god i could
have so much fun
88. How much would you pay to get Phil off his lazy ass
and get out of the house??: depends whether or nmot i
wanted to sit with him
89. Do you have a Crush on anyone?: probably- ill get
back to you when i next talk to my hormones (another
dumbass question im a teenager for fucks sake)
90. Would you like to tell us who that is?: hahahahaha
im desperately in love with devon. want to know
anythiong else?
Favourites Section:
91. Favourite song?: 59th street bridge song
92. Favourite band?: mighty mighty bosstones and
silverchair (favorite group: simon and garfunkel fav
singer: randy newman and paul simon.)
93. Favourite food?: guacamole on toast
94. Favourite colour?: i dont beleive in favorite colours
(hahahaha im a dick i know it, i love it)
95. Favourite sport?: street cricket
96. Favourite movie?: the land before time, fight club
and the lord of the rings (and dont you dare call me
conformist ive always loved that story ALWAYS that was
my dads idea of a bed time story when i was little)
97. Favourite movie of ALL TIME?: ^WHERES YOUR
98. Favourite TV show?: sailor moon
99. Favourite TV show of ALL TIME?: Babar and spot
though i loved widget for ages. and darias cool
100. Favourite TV/Movie Character/Actor?: homer
simpson- hes pure genious really- he's just an
amazing charector in so many ways.
101. Favourite flower?: death lily's
102. Favourite phrase?: touche
103. Favourite possession?: the necklace mad b gave
me for my 13th birthday
104. Favourite place to go?: eagle bay, the building site,
eagle bay, sandy cape, eagle bay and my room. oh and
eagle bay
105. Favourite person?: will
106. Favourite person to annoy the hell out of?: Sophie
107. Favourite Tekken Character?: the wood block guy
In the Last Week:
108. How many times have you been disappointed?: i
get dissapointed because i care...
109. How many times has something good
happened?: for everything that depresse me there was
something to bring me up - except for a couple of things
my friends have said which havent had uplifting bits
110. How many times have you driven someone to
tears?: none. i dont think ive ever done that so i know
that they're crying except maybe will but he used to cry
over anything and i love him heaps so it doesnt mean
111. How many times have you been on the Net?: to
much. bloody net diary
112. What's the funniest thing you've said this week?:
whatever- i said it and then realised i hated it when
people say it to me so i burst out laughing, gave the
person i said it to a hug and then laughed for about 5
mins. i was on abit of a low
113. Have you Met someone New?: yeah
114. Told your Crush that you like them?: pff no. i dont
have a crush on anyone dip shits leave the whole
subject alone *runs of crying*
115. Told someone you love them?: i hope so...
116. Gone out with Anyone?: yeah- being a loner isnt
something i enjoy being
117. Fulfilled your Life-Long ambitions?:no ill have to
wait a while for that... a long while. i cant wait to join the
army its going to start everything
118. (If you said No to any of Q.114-117) WHY NOT???:
maybe im just not artistically inclined. comeon you all
know me better then that...

And Finally:
119. Any regrets for 2001?: yeah no one lives without
regrets unless they die beforee they can think and i can
120. Hopes for 2002?: yeah
121. Do you want your friends to do this survey?: no i
want my friends to have fun. if doing this survey
coincides with what i want for them then i give them my
best wishes
122. What did you think about this Very, Very Long
survey?: i didnt really learn anything new but someone
else might which is all the better
123. What is the Time now you have finished?: 8:49
tues hehehe thats cool.
124. Any Explanation as to why you took so damned
long??: i dont spend all my living hourse doing surveys
for people who should get to know me in other ways
(im not that good a speller i had to check most of what i
125. Final Comments/last words/anything?: on a world
issue: things are never gonna get better or worse.
theres always gonna be death and civil war. on a
national issue: why dont you act upon what you call
yourself australia... though your musics getting better
state issue: a special goodnight goes out to people in
the rural areas of western australia school: come see
our street theatre performance tommorow- we are
gonna make fools out of ourselves!
passion, romanticism, tolerance and pure human need
should never be overlooked
you love until you learn and you love when you know
we are all lieing in the gutter but some of us are lookign
at the stars.
blind panic is better then sex

Finally, You are finished all 125 Questions!. Now
this to people you want to read your life.